Sen. John Stevens

After the tie vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on February 27, SB 250 remains stuck in that committee.  It is still alive, but won’t move unless Tennesseans mobilize to get it dislodged for a second committee vote.

Watch the full committee meeting:

SB 250 is a bill that is critical to protecting the firearms rights of Tennesseans against a federal gun control scheme.

The key to bringing the bill up for a second vote is Sen. John Stevens.  He was one of the “nay” votes on the bill, but we need to pressure him specifically to support bringing the bill for a second vote.

Please contact him now to encourage him to support a second vote on SB 250, as well as to change his vote to “yea.”  Phone calls will have much more impact than emails, but do both if you can.  Remember to be polite but firm in your communications with Sen. Stevens’ office.

Sen. John Stevens: Republican, District 24
310A WMB, (615) 741-4576,

We are also counting on continued support from these Senators who supported the bill in committee.  Thank them for their support of SB 250 and encourage them to continue their support by doing what they can to get the bill up for a second vote.  Remember that these senators are friendly to our cause, so please be courteous.

Sen. Mike Bell: Republican, District 9
6A LP, (615) 741-1946,

Sen. Stacey Campfield: Republican, District 7
4 LP, (615) 741-1766,

Sen. Todd Gardenhire: Republican, District 10
305 WMB, (615) 741-6682,

Sen. Mark Green: Republican, District 22
11A LP, (615) 741-2374,

Lesley Swann

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