Two very important bills in Tennessee need your support this week.  HB1059 – to nullify NDAA indefinite detention, is scheduled for a hearing this week.  And hb1218 to nullify any new federal gun control measures is up for a hearing on Tuesday.
Please take the following steps to help them move forward, and share this information widely!  (scroll down to learn more about the bills)
Action Items for HB1218, 2nd Amendment Preservation
Susan Lynn introduced HB1218 and the bill is up for a hearing on Tuesday.  It’s in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and will need strong grassroots support to move forward.
1.  Contact the chair.  Thank him personally for scheduling a hearing and encourage him to vote YES on HB1281.
Rep. Jim Coley, Chair
2.  Attend the Hearing.  There’s strength in numbers, and let’s let the members know there’s strong support for HB1218
House Civil Justice Subcommittee
Tuesday, March 26 8am
Location: HHR31
3.  Contact the rest of the subcommittee members.  Strongly, but respectfully, urge each of them to vote YES on HB1218 
Rep. Jim Coley, Chair
Rep. Mike Carter
Rep. Vance Dennis
Rep. Andrew Farmer
Rep. Sherry Jones
Rep. Jon Lundberg
Rep. Mike Stewart
Rep. Rick Womick
Action Items for HB1059, Liberty Preservation Act
Tennessee’s HB1059, The Liberty Preservation Act to nullify NDAA Indefinite detention, is in the House State Government Sub-Committee for a hearing this week. HB1059  needs your help to move forward. Strongly but respectfully tell all the members of the committee to vote YES on HB1059.
1. Contact the Chairman of the House State Government Subcommittee:
Rep. Bill Sanderson, Chair
2. Contact Members of the House State Government Subcommittee:
Rep. Bill Sanderson, Chair
Rep. Sheila Butt
Rep. Joshua Evans
Rep. Ryan Haynes
Rep. Johnny Shaw
Rep. Kent Williams
3.  Attend the public hearing.
HB1059 is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 1pm in room 30.
Tennessee House Bill 1218, Would ban compliance or enforcement on a state and local level with new federal gun control measures.   It reads:
On or after the effective date of this act, no public funds, personnel or property of this state or any political subdivision of this state shall be allocated to the implementation, regulation or enforcement of any federal law, executive order, rule or regulation, or any treaty signed by the United States, that becomes effective on or after January 1, 2013, that adversely affects a United States citizen’s ability to lawfully possess or carry firearms in this state.
This would make a HUGE dent in any effort to further restrict the right to keep and bear arms.  And, after resistance in the Senate on a stronger bill, this would be a very good step forward for Tennessee.
As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said recently, such widespread noncompliance can make a federal law “nearly impossible to enforce” (video here)
Tennessee House Bill 1059 prohibits certain entities and employees of this state from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the investigation, prosecution or detention of United States citizens in certain circumstances.
This applies the same principle and is a strong first step for Tennessee in resisting unconstitutional indefinite detention powers.

Encourage your local community to take action as well.
Present the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act and the Liberty Preservation Act to your city county, your town council, or your county commissioners.  Various local governments around the country are already passing similar resolutions and ordinances.  Local legislative action is a great way to strengthen a statewide campaign against 2nd Amendment violations and federally sanctioned kidnapping
Tenth Amendment Center model legislation here:
Share this information widely.  Please pass this along to your friends and family.  Also share it with any and all grassroots groups you’re in contact with around the state.  Please encourage them to email this information to their members and supporters.

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