Tennessee has both Senate and House bill hearings to nullify warrantless drone spying. Currently Senate Bill 796 and House Bill 591 will be heard on April 2nd and April 3rd respectively. SB 796 is scheduled to have a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee and HB591 has just passed out of subcommittee and is moving on up to the committee on Civil Justice. Your help is needed for the passage of these bills to stop drones in Tennessee.

Actions for Senate Bill 591:

1. Please Contact the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Bill 796 is having it’s first hearing. Encourage Senator Kelsey to vote YES on SB0796 to move it to a full debate in the Tennessee Senate.

Senator Kelsey: (615) 741-3036 or email: sen.brian.kelsey@capitol.tn.gov

2. Please Contact the rest of the members of the Judiciary Committee.  Strongly, but respectfully, let each of them know that you want them to vote YES on SB796

Sen. Doug Overbey(615) 741-0981, sen.doug.overbey@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Stacey Campfield(615) 741-1766, sen.stacey.campfield@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Mike Bell(615) 741-1946, sen.mike.bell@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Lowe Finney(615) 741-1810, sen.lowe.finney@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Ophelia Ford(615) 741-1767, sen.ophelia.ford@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Todd Gardenhire(615) 741-6682, sen.todd.gardenhire@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. Mark Green(615) 741-2374, sen.mark.green@capitol.tn.gov
Sen. John Stevens (615) 741-4576, sen.john.stevens@capitol.tn.gov

3. Attend the Hearing.  Currently SB796 is tentatively scheduled for a hearing on April 2nd. Come down and show your support at Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville.

Action Items for HB 591

1. Please contact the Chairman of the House Committee on Civil Justice. Tell him, respectively but firmly, you expect a yes vote and drones are not welcome here without strict Constitutional limits so privacy is not invaded and searches remain reasonable.

Jon Lundberg (615) 741-7623 rep.jon.lundberg@capitol.tn.gov

2. Please contact other members of the House Committee. Urge them to vote YES on HB 591. Tell them this bill is needed, not just for drones used by the military but all drones flown in Tennessee airways.

Rep. Rick Womick (615) 741-2804  rep.rick.womick@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Harry Brooks (615) 741-6879  rep.harry.brooks@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Mike Carter (615) 741-3025  rep.mike.carter@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Jim Coley  (615) 741-8201 rep.jim.coley@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. John Deberry  (615) 741-2239 rep.john.deberry@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Vance Dennis (615) 741-2190 rep.vance.dennis@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Andrew Farmer (615) 741-4419 rep.andrew.farmer@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Ryan Haynes (615) 741-2264 rep.ryan.haynes@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Sherry Jones (615) 741-2035 rep.sherry.jones@capitol.tn.gov
Rep. Mike Stewart (615) 741-2184  rep.mike.stewart@capitol.tn.gov

3. Attend the Hearing. Currently SB796 is tentatively scheduled for a hearing on April 3rd. Come down and show your support at Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville.

Also join the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Chapter by liking us on Facebook here. With your support we can nullify drone spying!

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