Vermont legislators have joined an ever-growing list of lawmakers in other states willing to stand up for the rights of their citizens, introducing a bill designed to keep federal hands off of firearms manufactured or possessed in the state.

The bill, S. 124, intends to ‘exempt certain firearms and firearm accessories in Vermont from federal regulation and to establish a criminal fine for federal officials who enforce or attempt to enforce a federal law purporting to regulate certain firearms and firearm accessories in Vermont.’

S. 124 was introduced by Senator Rodgers on Feb. 21 and referred to the Committee on Judiciary where it currently awaits further action. Although the bill only protects firearms made and possessed in the state, it is still a huge step in the right direction as it imposes criminal penalties on the feds should they decide to come in and impose their will on those buying, selling, trading or owning Vermont-made firearms.

With Vermont bravely stepping to the plate and standing up against federal gun control, that makes 25 states that have introduced legislation in the new year to defend the Second Amendment against the usurpers in Washington D.C. This is not counting the local initiatives or the flood of Constitutional Sheriffs who have warned the Feds that they will not break their oath to leave the American people as sitting ducks with no way to fend off criminals.


If you live in Vermont, make sure to contact your State Senator to respectfully demand that they support S. 124 immediately. You can find out their contact information by clicking HERE

If you live in a state other than Vermont and would like to see something like this passed in your state, you can urge them to support our model legislation – The Second Amendment Preservation Act. Please make sure to share this information far and wide as well as we need to continue our momentum as nullification becomes a national movement.

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