In Louisiana, two bills to protect your right to keep and bear arms against attacks by the federal government are moving forward.  Please read on and take the action steps below this introduction to support the 2nd Amendment today!  Votes are scheduled in the state house very soon – so your support is needed right now!

House Bill 5, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, a bill to prohibit the enforcement of any federal law in the state of Louisiana which attempts to either ban the ownership or possession of certain types of firearms, or impose registration requirements for such firearms, has passed committee 9-6. This bill is scheduled for a full House floor vote on April 23rd. Please contact your representative and tell him or her to vote YES on HB5.  (details below)

House Bill 45, the Louisiana Manufactured Firearms and Ammunition Act, a bill to protect privately owned firearms and manufacturers of firearms passed the Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice with a vote of 10-1.  This bill has been sent to the Committee on Appropriations. Please contact the committee and tell them to vote YES on HB45 so a state can create it’s own office that would regulate intrastate firearms manufacturing.


1. Contact your Representative. Strongly, but respectfully, urge him or her to vote YES on HB5.  The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

To find your representative:

ACTION ITEMS for House Bill 45

Please contact members of the committee. The Appropriations committee is a very important committee since it determines how the state will fund this bill. This bill requires a new state office to issue licensing and do background checks for manufacturers. To view the Fiscal Note, click here.

1. Contact the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee.  Thank him for scheduling the hearing on HB45, and encourage him to vote YES on the bill.

James Fannin (318)259-6620

2. Contact all the other members of the Appropriations Committee.  Strongly, but respectfully, urge each of them to vote YES on HB45.

Simone Champagne (337)937-8827
Bryan Adams (504)361-6013
James Armes (337)238-7004
John Berthelot (225)647-5646
Robert Billiot (504)436-8929
Jared Brossett (504)286-1033
Henry Burns (318)949-2463
Roy Burrell (318)676-7137
Charles Chaney (318)728-5875
Patrick Connick (504)371-0240
Franklin Foil (225)342-6777
Brett Geymann (337)491-2315
Bob Hensgens (337)893-5035
Edward James (225)925-4859
Walt Leger (504)556-9970
Nick Lorusso (504)483-4711
Jack Montoucette (337)783-2999
Helena Moreno (504)568-2740
James Morris (318)995-6852
Rogers Pope (225)667-3588
John Schroder (985)893-6262
Alan Seabaugh (318)676-7990
Patricia Smith (225)342-7106
Ledricka Thierry (337)948-0369
Chuck Kleckley (337)475-3016


Get active on Facebook.   Join the 2nd Amendment Louisiana group and stay active in support of HB45 and other legislation coming forward.

Share this information widely.  Please pass this along to your friends and family.  Also share it with any and all grassroots groups you’re in contact with around the state.  Please encourage them to email this information to their members and supporters.

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