Maine LD 525 is an Act to Promote Industrial Hemp. This bill, sponsored by Representative Harvell, is currently in the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.  If passed into law, it would authorize the growth and production of the plant within the state of Maine.

The federal government lacks the constitutional authority to regulate the production of hemp, or any agricultural product, within a state’s borders, but has banned it for decades.

Hemp is a major product worldwide, and is widely used in the United States in food products, clothing, oils and more.  It can be a competitor to the oil, cotton, and paper industries (and many more), which is a likely reason why the federal government refuses to budge on its view that no one in the US should produce it.  The results?  The United States is the world’s #1 importer of hemp.  The top 2 exporters are China and Canada.

However, the DEA stated in an FOIA request that they are “opposed to any consideration of hemp as a legitimate fiber or pulp product.” LD525 authorizes production in Maine, effectively nullifying the unconstitutional federal ban.  It implements the commissioner of the State’s Department of Agriculture to regulate the industry of hemp.

“This bill removes the requirements that an applicant for an initial license to grow industrial hemp for commercial purposes must submit a set of the applicant’s fingerprints and file with the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry documentation indicating that the seeds planted were a type and variety of hemp approved by the commissioner and also repeals the provision that licensure is contingent upon action by the Federal Government.”

Action Items

If you are a Maine resident please contact the members of the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. A work session is scheduled for April 9th at 2:15 PM at the Cross Building in Room 214.

Senator Troy Jackson 207-436-0763
Senator Roger Sherman 207-532-7073
Senator James Boyle 207-894-5057

Representative James Dill 207-827-3498
Representative Jeffrey Timberlake 207-225-6016
Representative William Noon
Representative Donald Marean 207-727-5527
Representative Peter Kent 207-442-9255
Representative Brian Jones
Representative Craig Hickman
Representative Dean Cray 207-938-2006
Representative Russel Black 207-645-2990
Representative Robert Saucier 207 227-1160

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Model Legislation

If you are not a Maine resident, introduce the Hemp Freedom Act in your state. Go to the Tenth Amendment Center’s Model Legislation here.

Kelli Sladick