New York Assembly Bill 6244, Protection Against Unwarranted Surveillance, is a bill to nullify warrantless drone spying.  It is currently in the Committee on Codes and needs your help to move forward.

A6244 states, “no  person  or  entity  acting under color of the authority of any state, county, municipal or local governmental entity or  authority,  or acting  on  behalf  of any such entity or authority, shall use, operate, engage or employ an unmanned aerial vehicle as defined in  this  section to  gather  evidence or other information related to a criminal investigation, criminal case, or conduct in violation of regulation except when authorized under a warrant issued by a court of record or  justified  by  lawful exception to the warrant requirement.”

Please take the following steps to help advance this important legislation!


1. Contact the Committee Chairman.  Politely request that he schedule a hearing and vote on A06244.  Respectfully let him know you’d like to see that bill pass.

Contact information here:
Joseph Lentil 518-455-4477

2. Contact other members of the Committee. Strongly, but respectfully, let each of them know that want nothing less than a YES vote on A06244.

Thomas Abinanti 518-455-5753
James Brennen 518-455-5377
Vivian Cook 518-455-4203
Steve Cymbrowitz 518-455-5214 
Joseph Giglio 518-455-5241
Al Graf 518-455-5937
Charles Lavin 518-455-5456
Tom McKevitt 518-455-5341
Michael Montesano 518-455-4684
Walter Mosley 518-455-5325
Daniel O’Donnell 518-455-5603
Nick Perry 518-455-4166
Gary Pretlow 518-455-5291
Edward Ra 518-455-4627
Robin Schimminger 518-455-4767
Claudia Tenney 518-455-5334
Michele Titus 518-455-5668
Helene Weinstein 518-455-5462
David Weprin 518-455-5806
Keith Wright 518-455-4793
Kenneth Zebrowski 518-455-5735

3.  Encourage your local community to take action as well. Using model legislation from the Tenth Amendment Center, you can introduce legislation to nullify Drones in your city, town, and county with the Privacy Protection Act .

Model legislation here:

4.  Share this information widely.  Please pass this along to your friends and family.  Also share it with any and all grassroots groups you’re in contact with around the state.  Please encourage them to email this information to their members and supporters.

5. Connect with us on Social Media. Stay up to date on bills going through the legislature. Like us on our Facebook page at the New York Tenth Amendment Center here.

The 10th Amendment

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