Louisiana House Bill 5, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, passed out of the House with a vote of 67-25. This bill is in the Senate and will have a Judiciary C committee hearing and likely vote on Tuesday, 05-07-13

HB5 will prohibit the enforcement of any federal law in the state of Louisiana which attempts to either ban the ownership or possession of semi-auto firearms (including magazines and accessories), or impose registration requirements for such firearms.

Your action is needed right now to help this bill move to the full Senate.  Please take the following steps right now, not tomorrow.  When contacting Senators, make CALLS, don’t send emails.  Contact them over night and leave a message if needed.  Only email if you get a full voice mail box.


1. Contact the Committee Chairman. Thank him for scheduling the hearing.  Politely request that he vote YES on HB5.

Bob Kestelka (318) 362-3474 kostelka@legis.la.gov

2. Contact all the other members of the Committee. Strongly, but respectfully, let each of them know you want them to vote YES on HB5!

JP Perry (337) 740-6425 perryj@legis.la.gov

Robert Adley (318) 965-1755 adleyr@legis.la.gov

Yvonne Dorsey Colomb (225) 342-9700 dorseyy@legis.la.gov

Elbert Guillory (337) 943-2457 guillorye@legis.la.gov

Fred Mills (337) 365-8484 millsf@legis.la.gov

Mack White (225) 272-1324 whitem@legis.la.gov

3. Get active on Facebook.  Join the 2nd Amendment Louisiana group and stay active in support of HB5 and other legislation moving forward. http://www.facebook.com/groups/2ndAmendmentLouisiana/

4. Share this information widely.  Please pass this along to your friends and family.  Also share it with any and all grassroots groups you’re in contact with around the state.  Please encourage them to email this information to their members and supporters.

5. Nullify Locally!  Introduce model legislation to protect the right to bear arms into your city, town, and county. Click below to download model legislation for your local community.

Model Legislation: http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/legislation/2nd-amendment-preservation-act/


The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act IS constitutional

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