Congress, the president and the courts will never fix America’s problems – the problems they have created.

To think they will is a waste of time.

So what can be done if the government violates the very Constitution that defines it? What protections are available for the people?

The people of the states, the creators of the federal government,who agreed to its existence through the Constitution, are fully empowered to decide not to comply with any act outside the scope of federal authority.

Thomas Jefferson rejected judicial review as the final authority because he never trusted the courts. He never saw the wisdom of placing so much power in the hands of a few judges. Instead, he articulated the most effective option – nullification, “the Rightful Remedy.” Jefferson believed it was up to the people of the states, the parties who ratified the Constitution, to stand up to the government when it exceeds its constitutional bounds.

Nullification begins with the central premise that a federal act exceeding the power granted in the Constitution violates the Constitution and is therefore no law at all. It is “null and void” and has no effect. In state nullification, the legislature declares the act unconstitutional and takes action to make the “law” unenforceable within the state’s borders. This can include noncompliance with the feds, or direct state intervention to stop the unconstitutional act. And this works at the local level as well!

In conjunction with several liberty-minded groups in the state,  the Tenth Amendment Center is presenting an all-day educational event on nullification where you will learn:

1. The Constitutional history of nullification, including Jefferson and Madison’s basis for states rejecting, nullifying and interposing against unconstitutional federal acts.

2. How nullification was used in early American history – against attacks on freedom of speech and more.

3. Nullification vs. slavery. The mainstream wants you to believe that nullification was used to support slavery. This is either ignorance, or a lie. Hear the heroic story of nullification being used to reject federal slave laws in the 1850s.

4. How nullification is being used today. Right now, across the country, dozens of states are considering and approving nullification bills. They’ve already been very successful pushing back against the feds, and you can use this lesson as a blueprint in your own state, on issues important to you.

5. About nullification as a tool for protecting liberty. Nullification is a powerful tool to protect your right to keep and bear arms, stop “indefinite detention,” protect your health freedom – and more. You’ll learn about model legislation that can be used on a state OR local level – and effective methods to get nullification bills passed.

6. What YOU can do right now – you won’t leave Nullify Now! with just a bunch of great information. You’ll also be provided with a practical, actionable plan to do something today. The time to act is now, not next year and not next week. Today, not tomorrow, now!

William Kennedy

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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