The Japanese Internment Camps of World War II display the lengths to which American’s are willing to go in order to sacrifice liberty for safety.[1] Even though “two-thirds” of these Americans were native-born, the vast majority of the public saw no problem with locking them up (keeping in mind two-thirds of the Japanese’ in the camps were citizens) without just cause, without warrant, without any evidence of guilt, and with extreme prejudice. Fast forward sixty years and 9/11 happens and for the sake of a false sense of security, most Americans support the Patriot Act which like most legislation had to be passed in order to “find out what’s in it.”

Much to the chagrin of most American’s, there was a provision for indefinite detention of citizens in much the same circumstances as those faced by the Japanese-American’s during WWII. Most people reticently accepted the infringement of their civil liberties so that they would be “safer.” However, as time as passed there is a growing movement that realizes that this infringement is wrong and the threat of its use to be horrifying as they could be one of the one’s deemed an “enemy combatant”, moved to detention and left there to rot for the foreseeable future if not on a permanent basis.

Why are you not MAD AS HELL?

The fact that there hasn’t been a million person march on Washington, D.C. is appalling. People, the time is NOW to STAND UP! GET FIRED UP! And to TAKE ACTION! We can do something about this and it starts at the local level. Nullification is the only answer. Most people at this point would say something like “I’ll just vote them out next election.” The only problem with this is at what point in recent history did a politician in Washington, D.C. actually not break his promises? The pitiful fact is that Washington, D.C. breed’s corruption and everyone knows this. What makes you think that sending someone new to the Capital will not end up in the same boat as his or her predecessor?

Get Up! Let Your Voice Be Heard!

By starting locally at the city and county levels, citizens can make a tremendous impact and snowball that into action that can be translated and enacted at the State level. When the state sees that there is momentum within the state on protecting their citizens from the unconstitutional provisions of the Patriot Act and NDAA. You might think that coming up with legislation and proposing it to be a daunting task. However, the Tenth Amendment Center has model legislation that has been used across the nation to usurp the unconstitutional power grab of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. This model legislation can be a building block utilized at the local, then state level that returns liberty and freedom to your fellow citizens. So get out there! Stop making excuses! And Stand Up! If not for yourself, then for your children!

To help you take those first steps below are links to model legislation for local and state as well as a legislative tracker that shows the progress of nullification of NDAA across the nation.

Liberty Preservation Act:

Legislative Tracker:

[1] Frank H. Wu, “Profiling In The Wake Of September 11: The Precedent Of The Japanese American Internment,” Criminal Justice 52, no. 17 (n.d.): 52-59.

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