You have to love Ohio politicians.  Some of them are the only people on earth unprincipled enough to make Massachusetts politicians blush.

Now it appears that John Kasich, Ohio’s Republican governor, was lying through his teeth when he ran for office on a platform of opposing the horribly misnamed Affordable Care Act.  Yes, Kasich now loves Obamacare and the allegedly free money that comes with it.

He loves it more than he loves his state.

He loves it more than he respects the opinions of two-thirds of Ohioans.

He loves it more than he cares about adhering to the laws of his state’s constitution.

Kasich has spent the better part of a year trying to expand Medicaid, claiming that Ohioans were going to miss out on all the “free money” that comes with the expansion.  There are a couple of points that Kasich has failed to address.

First, exactly how does it make Ohioans better off to have their money expropriated by the federal government, run around a massive bureaucracy and then returned to them?

Second, did the governor not notice that the federal government just had to “shut down” and then raise the limit on its debt just to keep functioning?  Did Kasich consider that relying on money from a heavily indebted organization might not be the most intelligent move?

We are still unsure about whether Kasich has trouble understanding cause and effect or if he’s just another weak-willed apparatchik of the federal leviathan.  The one thing that is abundantly clear is that he would rather beg for the regurgitated table scraps of the federal government than eat at the table of freedom.

Fortunately not all Ohio politicians are like Kasich.  Many have been heroically fighting the governor tooth and nail against Medicaid’s expansion, noting not only its implications for Obamacare but its devastating impact on Ohio’s budget.  Nevertheless, yesterday, with some help from some similarly unprincipled cohorts, Kasich found a way to bypass the voters and their elected legislators and expand Medicaid in Ohio.

The fact that Kasich fought so hard for an unconstitutional federal program is bad enough by itself.  That he did it in clear defiance of the wishes of the vast majority of Ohions, not to mention the law he allegedly upholds, is unconscionable.

The lone bright spot in this is that the voters only have to wait 13 months to tell Kasich what they think of him.  I sincerely hope that he loves Obamacare more than being reelected, because there is no reason why any Ohioan should give John Kasich their vote.  We shouldn’t reward state politicians who willingly kowtow to Washington at the price of our state’s sovereignty.

Ohioans can do better.  We deserve better.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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