Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has a list of demands, and over 10,000 people have signed his petition at

Ventura and his supporters had better be careful what they wish for and how they go about trying to make it happen, though. They may just end up destroying whatever “Democracy” they’ve set out to “regain.”

The federal elected officials, to whom the petition is addressed, must face the threat of some grand electoral overthrow if they don’t vote and act correctly this time! And how must they vote and act exactly? No, not in accordance to the US Constitution! But instead directed by the whims and wishes of the body and the mind of Jesse Ventura.

Ventura opens the letter with

“As provided by The Constitution of the United States…”

And at first things seem to go in that direction with calls of repeal, transparency, and even abolition. Off the bat the USA PATRIOT Act is blasted for its civil liberty violations. He follows up by insisting all secret documents on the JFK assassination be liberated. Then there’s an appeal to abolish the income tax. Not bad, seems there is a pretty Constitutional case to be made for these requests. Until…

Then Ventura begins to slide off the rails. He prescribes a national sales tax to replace the income tax. Ventura is convinced a national sales tax “directly links the government to the economy and forces them to have our best interests in mind.” Somehow.

The then the train goes completely off the constitutional track. Ventura launches into more grand proposals untethered from constitutional restraint. After reducing defense spending to “the level” (he doesn’t specify) necessary for actual defense, he demands that the feds find the resources to take on four essential functions:

1. Ensure that the Social Security system remains solvent and fully funded for Every American paying into the system;
Remains solvent? Since when was this unconstitutional program “solvent” except as defined by the very government Ventura is petitioning?

2. Institute a National Jobs Program to create employment by repairing bridges, roads and other public works of our nation’s Failing Infrastructure; like the WPA Program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the goal of this program is to provide a job to every family which has suffered long-term unemployment;
Authorization for a National Jobs Program is to be found where exactly? Ah, I see. It’s penciled in as Article 8 in Jesse Ventura’s personal copy of the Constitution.

3. Increase teacher salaries and funding for schools to levels which actually reflect our commitment to Excellence In Education;
Ventura commits himself to too much, losing his commitment to the Constitution where there are exactly zero power delegated to run an educational system.

4. Ensure that Every American, regardless of income level, has access to Basic Health Care needs. Health care should be a basic right. Any parent of a child knows that when your child is sick—it’s not an option. You have to get them the care that they need. That shouldn’t be for the wealthy, or for the fortunate. That should be EVERYBODY.

Government is not a dad nor a mom. You’re not a child, Jesse. Rights aren’t doled out by the state, And they’re not captured by mobs. Individuals retain rights regardless of any collective sense of “should” or “shouldn’t.” And rights can’t demand something of somebody else. True rights command nothing but respect and non-interference.

Jesse Ventura seems to understand the first three words of the Constitution, We The People, but misses substantial portions after that, leaving aside the  First Amendment that he correctly cites as protecting his right to peddle piddling pleas like this one. If his demands were met, it would cost people liberty, not regain it.

Jesse’s 10,000 signatories is impressive, however. Even 1,000 ain’t nothing to sneeze at! That’s the number reached by this truly Constitutional petition by #NullifyNSA just last week and it’s already fast approaching 2,000! Actually stand up for the Constitution and be a part of the movement to halt the National Security Agency’s secretive mass surveillance and sign today.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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