For about two weeks, the focus of much of the media’s attention has been the partial shutdown of the federal government.  If one needs to rehash how the shutdown came about or is unfamiliar with names such as Cruz, Reid, Boehner or Obama and how they all played a role, one likely won’t care to learn about it now as the shutdown comes to a close.  Much of the Republican establishment has caved, fully funding not only ObamaCare, but continued drone wars overseas and domestic spying.  Our regularly scheduled tyranny resumes.  We have learned, in fact, that in the slowing of the encroachment of government upon more and more of our lives, there are things a great deal stronger than the Republicans’ resolve.

90 year old veterans

When barricades were erected to block World War II veterans’ access to open air memorials, the generation that pierced the Siegfried Line of Nazi Germany had no issue with breaking through the “Barry-cades” that were supposed to impede their attempts at remembering their departed brethren.  People then carried the remains of the Obama Wall to the White House.

A bison

While the Democrats have the donkey, and the Republicans have the elephant, may I humbly suggest the bison as the symbol of the Tenther movement.  Nearly hunted to extinction, just like our precious liberties, they have been making a gradual comeback over the last few decades.  This particular bison apparently did not take kindly to the Barry-cade that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.  But did the bison start screaming to throw the bums out, start an email campaign to its congressman or go to court?  You have to watch to get your answer.

A guy with a lawnmower

Chris Cox, 45, while the parties were providing WWE style bickering in DC, got his lawnmower out and started tidying the monuments himself.  He is a testament to the power of one person.

Regular people

Everyday people completely ignored signs saying THEIR parks were closed, and they went and committed the heinous crime of going for a walk in them anyway.  Total chaos ensued.

Human decency

While there is no love for our government right now, when people were furloughed and concerned about paying for their own groceries, decent people got together and helped them out.  (The author has no links for this one, but trust him when he says he knows people who helped)

We, the bison…excuse me…the people, still have a long way to go in restoring a true respect and desire for liberty in our culture, but the fire is spreading, from heart to heart, person to person.  The colonists lost most of the battles in the American War for Independence, yet won the war.  For anyone discouraged that the status quo continue unabated in DC, this is only the beginning.  Where were all of you before hearing about nullification?  If you’re like me, probably arguing with friends about which party is the lesser of two evils, slowly dying inside while you defend “your guy/gal.”  Keep focusing on the state and local battles.  That’s where this will be won, not in DC.  If you’re not already involved, get ready to join the herd…sorry, the club.

Benjamin W. Mankowski, Sr.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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