R or D – does it really matter on the federal ballot?

Seriously, no matter which party is in control in DC, the federal government always grows. Agenda 21 was signed on to by George Bush the 1st followed by Clinton, Bush the 2nd and Obama executive orders. We got the Patriot Act under Bush and Republicans, then extended by the Dems. The NDAA would never have passed without Republicans. Obamacare came our way courtesy of the Democrats. Debt ceiling raised, No Child Left Behind etc. etc. etc.

The federal government grows and our freedoms shrink. If we keep thinking sending someone new to DC will fix the problems that DC has created, we will just continue to get a bigger and bigger government.

The answer is local, not national. Who we elect to state and local offices over the next ten to twenty years is far more important that what goes on over by the Potomac. Whether people want to believe it or not, the federal government can not, and will not, reverse its behavior.

The states must step in and hold things together by standing up and saying NO to the federal government.

Numerous states have shown the way with nullification of the NDAA, gun control, Obamacare and federal drug laws. But many refuse to act. There was a resolution in the NC House to protect our Second Amendment rights that was sent to the Rules Committee (better known as the graveyard) to die. An anti-Agenda 21 resolution was dumped there to die also. The Republican leadership sent it there. Both the Democrat and Republican leadership in North Carolina are afraid to even say the words 10th Amendment, let alone act on it.

Were these two resolutions doomed because of ideological reasons, or was there another more personal reason? The North Carolina House leadership has repeatedly worked to make sure that any bill or resolution that would have pushed back against federal unconstitutional “laws” or that would have proclaimed North Carolina Sovereignty were blocked.


Did not the legislators not take an oath to both the US Constitution and to the North Carolina Constitution? Do they not know that their first and most important job is to protect the freedoms of the citizens of North Carolina?

What is the average voter out here doing? Why are they worried about who goes to Washington? People – it does not matter! What matters is letting the lawmakers in state legislators know that business as usual will no longer be tolerated!

We can make a difference here in the state by accepting nothing less than representatives and senators who will nullify unconstitutional federal “laws” like PPACA and NDAA! We must make sure to nominate and elect leaders to both our state House and Senate who will work to do just that! Our liberties and freedoms are slipping away. There is no more room for timidity and compromise!

THE answer to what the feds are doing is governors, legislators, county officials and sheriffs with backbone, from either party, who will say NO MORE! These are the people we need. History is filled with numerous examples of patriotic men and women who made a stand for what is right in their state capitals. They boldly stood for freedom and liberty. It is time that this generation of political leaders does the same.

William Kennedy

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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