FreeSoilFreeLaborFreeSpeechThis was received in e-mail from Lois Kaneshiki, chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania.

We were just alerted that there could be a committee vote on SB999, the Liberty Preservation Act, this week!

The Liberty Preservation Act makes it illegal for Pennsylvania law enforcement to assist the federal government in using the egregious sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to detain citizens indefinitely, without a warrant or any of our Constitutionally-protected due process rights!

We need you to do the following early this week:

  1.  Call, email and tweet your state senator and ask him to co-sponsor SB999!

Find your state senator here:

  1.  Forward this email to your friends with a personal request.
  2. Contact the members of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee via phone, email, twitter, and or Facebook.  These members will determine whether or not SB999 gets a vote in the state Senate!


Senator Greenleaf


Senator Smucker

(717) 787-6535


Senator Scarnati



Senator Mensch




Senator Wiley (minority Chair)

(717) 787-8927


Senator Hughes

(717) 787-7112


Senator Teplitz

(717) 787-6801


Senator Wozniak

(717) 787-5400

Thank our courageous co-sponsors!

Senator Folmer (prime sponsor)


Senator Hutchinson (committee Chair)

(717) 787-9684

Senator Argall



Senator Eichelberger

(717) 787-5490

Senator Alloway

(717) 787-4651


Thank you for helping us fight for liberty in Pennsylvania!

Lois Kaneshiki
Republican Liberty Caucus
Pennsylvania Chapter

Learn more about the Liberty Preservation Act SB999 here: