With 21 states nullifying federal marijuana laws, it’s become clear that nullification works.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said, the federal government doesn’t have the resources to enforce all of its laws and edicts  if the states simple refuse to comply or assist.

New Jersey passed medical marijuana back in 2010.  On Oct. 28, Compassionate Care Foundation opened New Jersey’s second dispensary in Egg Harbor Township. The first dispensary opened in Montclair last December.

Compassionate Care CEO Bill Thomas told the press that 600 patients have already registered with the clinic and it has 200 appointments booked.

Since the program started in New Jersey, more than 240 doctors and 1,300 patients have enrolled statewide. The rollout in New Jersey has been slow, but officials say they expect the pace to pick up in the near future. According to the Press of Atlantic City, an alternative treatment center was scheduled to open in mid-November in Woodbridge Township, and the state Department of Health was in licensing talks with three other facilities.

Thomas said he was not concerned about federal interference, indicating just how effective states have been in nullifying federal marijuana prohibition.

“As long as we follow the state rules, I think we are safe,” he said. “They’re worried about us being in the illegal drug business, and we are not in the illegal drug business as far as the state is concerned.”

Bill Thomas is likely correct as long as local law enforcement refuses to aid the federal government with any raids. A recent crackdown in Denver targeted just 12 of the cities 400 dispensaries, and still required local assistance.

States with legalized marijuana should direct their state and local law enforcement to stand down and not cooperate with any federal enforcement efforts. Marijuana is a state issue and the states should take all necessary steps to ensure it stays that way.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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