Score another one for freedom fighters and decentralization. Marijuana shops are now being licensed for business in Colorado!

According to a recent blog at the Marijuana Policy Project, the first store has been granted a license to sell marijuana. It will go into effect on January 1 of next year, meaning that Colorado residents will be able to celebrate the new year enjoying legally-obtained cannabis products.

While the fact that a business still has to jump through a bunch of hoops to sell pot may not be ideal, this is still a huge leap in the right direction. Marijuana prohibition is on its way to being completely finished. As it gains acceptance, helps the economy and people see that the ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda of yesterday was completely baseless, legalization will only gain in popularity. This means that the federal government has lost yet another one of its stupid wars.

Some of the Tenth Amendment Center’s detractors like to talk as if there are no modern instances of successful nullification. They are willfully ignorant of what is going on in Colorado. The people of that state decided to openly defy the federal government’s edicts, ignoring all of the hullabaloo from the federal supremacists out there, with great success.

If the things nullification deniers say were true, Colorado would have been rebuked. The people would have been wasting their time. According to federal the supremacists’ erroneous interpretation of the Constitution, the states are little more than underlings that have no alternative but to take everything their federal masters dish out. But that was not the case, as Colorado proved.

The enemies of freedom slander the founding fathers and deliberately lie about the history of the Constitution because they do not want citizens to rediscover their true power. They have grown fat and happy from taxpayer largesse and do not want their gravy train jeopardized. These types of people must be shrugged off like a bad case of fleas as soon as possible.

Once we shrug off these interlopers, there will be nothing standing in the way of regaining our freedom. We have Colorado bravely leading the way, thumbing its nose at the feds and blazing a trail (no pun intended) for state resistance against unconstitutional acts. If we all follow in Colorado’s footsteps, we can apply nullification to not just the marijuana issue, but to others important to freedom as well.