Does our family have money to pay for our home in 2014?  Check!

Does our family have money for food in 2014?  Check!

Does our family have enough to pay essential bills, like energy and water in 2014 ? Check!

Have we budgeted for Liberty? Check!!

 The Rodriguez 2014 Budget is done.  And funding liberty, exclusively through the Tenth Amendment Center or the Florida Chapter was one of the most exciting budget items on which we agreed.

 Liberty needs funding and that funding only comes from liberty people!

 When I look at organizations that I’ve donated to in the past, I am somewhat frustrated with myself for not expecting a ROI (Return on Investment) on those donations. You may be saying, how do you calculate an ROI for liberty donations?  Well, until recently, I didn’t. It is time to do so, however, because the reality of NOT demanding an ROI is costing us our liberty!

Here is how I calculate ROI for giving to liberty organizations:

1. What level of government are they working on?

 f they have a “national focus” they don’t get my money. That’s a personal decision but it deals with ROI in a big way. In Federalist 46 Madison was clear about one thing, that DC needs the states much more than the states need DC. So, I’m pretty done focusing on DC. I’m informed about them but no organization focused on working through DC is getting my money in 2014.

2. Does the organization have specific actions?

Almost every single day we receive information like “forward this email”, “read this article”, etc. but information is NOT action.  Information may be important and educational, but without a specific action to take it is worthless.  I mean that in the strongest sense of the word. WORTHLESS. If you have a pile of information in your head but are not using it for a personal impact then that information is a WASTE!  It is literally toxic. After being in the Liberty movement since I was 15 years old, I’ve often been intoxicated by information. I would hear it, be shocked, and then just keep thinking about how bad things are, and why don’t ‘they’ do something about it? The toxin released by information without action is FEAR! Fear prohibits personal action. This is also a reason why #1, focusing on DC, stops many people from taking action. They feel too overwhelmed. Organizations that don’t provide information + action should be avoided.

I want to be clear, information is important, but my family and I have chosen not to donate a dime to any organization that does not have specific actions to take after providing us with essential information about liberty or politics.

If an organization can make it this far, and almost none do, then we move to question #3 before deciding to donate to them.

3. Will the action that an organization is encouraging likely be implemented?

Some liberty groups have actions that are truly actions. Petitions can be signed and they will go to someone.  But if the chances are that 1,000,000 people are needed to do the same thing, then I won’t be participating. I can only control me and it’s not likely that 1,000,000 people will do something when asked. If my action really increases the probability to closer to 1/100 or 1/50 taking action in my area that seems like a worthwhile activity.

4. Will the action, when implemented, have a visible impact to me or people I care about?

This one is huge! I cannot tell you the number of meetings I’m asked to attend that will yield ZERO impact. Seriously, zero. If the meeting doesn’t have actionable steps to take at the end of it that meet the criteria also laid out above then participating in it is a WASTE of time.

I need liberty…I think you need liberty too.

Somehow liberty alludes us, despite all the books in our homes, conversations, petitions signed, meetings attended, emails forwarded, or the person we elected to “go do the right thing,” and more. Funding organizations that inform us but don’t “activate” has NOT worked.

I’m budgeting for liberty action by donating to the Tenth Amendment Center, State Chapter in Florida and maybe one other organization who also meets the criteria above when they work with the Tenth Amendment Center.

I hope your budget for liberty in 2014 starts now and that 100% of you will donate, (now!) to the Tenth Amendment Center, so the action of liberty can continue!

If everyone who “likes” TAC on Facebook would respond with $12 per year I believe the ROI would be liberty on a specific issue very close to where you live!

To donate, click HERE.

Francisco Rodriguez