President Obama has been forced to back off on his health care takeover yet again.

This time, the administration has extended the enrollment deadline. It’s the latest in a comedy of errors that has turned Obama’s signature achievement into a national laughingstock.

According to a Mar. 25 article in the Washington Post, consumers will have until mid-April to ask for an extension for enrollment in the Obamacare program. Extensions will be provided to pretty much anyone for any reason until then. Because they have enrolled fewer people than originally estimated, this is a last-ditch effort to close the gap and keep the health care act from being a total catastrophe during a crucial election cycle.

However, it doesn’t look like this latest delay is going to fix anything. The cat is out of the bag when it comes to Obamacare, and people aren’t enthusiastic about signing up to pay excessive costs to unscrupulous health insurers for a lousy product.

The Obama administration simply didn’t count on the American people pushing back. It didn’t count on nullification making a much-needed resurgence. And it didn’t count on people simply ignoring the mandate. Obama and his cohorts thought the American people would just accept that Obamacare was ‘law of the land’ after Supreme Court made its dubious ruling. They were mistaken.That poses a serious problem for the Obama administration and its appeasers within the Republican Party.

As the administration makes excuses, it becomes increasingly clear that the feds are struggling to implement the ACA. State refusal to cooperate certainly plays a hand in that.The number of states refusing to set up the exchanges certainly put a giant fly in the ointment. And many states also declined to expand Medicaid. The feds counted on state cooperation to implement Obamacare. Now we see what happens when they don’t get it. Broken websites, delays and extensions.

The bottom line is the federal government needs state cooperation. A little resistance created significant problems. Imagine what even more aggressive nullification would do. It could accomplish what Congress cannot, or will not – effective repeal. Nullification can cause the system to collapse.

The Tenth Amendment Center four-step plan to nullify Obamacare to stop Obamacare is simple, effective, rests on founding principles.The idea of state resistance continues to reverberate throughout the nation. The time is now for nullification, and that does not bode well for Obamacare and other federal policies.

Obamacare was supposed to be the president’s grand accomplishment. Obama’s legacy hinges upon the Affordable Care Act being successfully implemented. Nullification and other legitimate forms of resistance have already besmirched Obama’s legacy. That means it is time to really push forward and intensify our efforts. We are on the cusp of causing Obamacare to completely implode, saving the health freedom of millions of people in the process. The delays prove that we are causing them a lot of trouble, but now we really need to put our feet on the gas pedal.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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