With the recent decision by the Supreme Court not to even hear the case against the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, I have to ask a familiar question to the majority of people who still value the Constitution: are you ready to take the responsibility to defend our governmental charter?

We have the power; we need to get our local leaders to stop the wholesale selling out of our rights.

It really is that simple. For decades maybe even a century, those of us who value the Constitution sat on the sidelines waiting for the Supremes to get a chance to take up some of the unconstitutional violations, expecting them to “enforce” the Constitution at last. We looked the other way as New Deal judges steadfastly enforced a previously dismissed Hamiltonian version of the Constitution in effect vesting the federal government with unlimited power subject to specific exceptions rather than the previously established limited version guided by the enumerated powers that had previously bound the government.

We wanted to believe that we lived in a free country where the government had only limited power, and the primacy of the individual was respected. We believed in it so much that all the violations including such things as improperly declared wars, the New Deal, internment camps, spying on citizens without warrant, asset seizures without due process, public humiliation of citizens at airports, violations of the rights of free association, etc. were lost on us.  We couldn’t fathom that the very institution that we were told in school was responsible to hold the government in check was just a bunch of highly connected lawyers with no interest in “limiting” the powers of the federal government. We assured ourselves that these issues would be rectified if only these violations were brought to the attention of these high and prestigious stalwart guardians of the Constitution.

Are we ready yet?

The proof of their complicity could not be more compelling if they were the ones who enacted these policies themselves.

On our watch, we have observed the “Supremes” refuse to strike down nationalized healthcare requiring that we all purchase products from private corporations or be fined. Structuring our healthcare in this way strips us of our right to choose our healthcare options, or at least requires us to buy the it from the cronies who paid DC the most. What enumerated power is the federal government exercising to force us to buy insurance from the golf buddy of some important Senator?

I understand the hesitation to act,  even the skepticism that you can really make a difference. You were taught all through school about how our wise leaders had our best interests at heart, and we just needed to trust them for long enough to allow their grand plan to come to fruition. I am here to tell you the lawless things that they are doing now is the end of their plan. These thugs want nothing less than total domination.

On our watch, we have now observed the “Supremes” slam the door on the final federal recourse.  With their refusal to hear the NDAA case, they have allowed through inaction (if we leave it here) people to be snatched up for something as simple as contributing to a charity, or writing an article,  maybe less. Truth is that nobody knows what can get you indefinitely detained. The feds refused to clarify in court when directly asked by a judge. Now I ask what is the enumerated power being exercised to hold somebody indefinitely in detention without due process? The president is commander and chief, but we are not in a state of war right now (at least none has been declared, and the AUMF is not nearly specific enough to define an “end of hostilities.” required to end the detention.)  Let’s not leave it here!

Are you ready yet to join me and take action ourselves?

The Supremes will never limit the Federal governments power.

On our watch, we have overseen the Supremes allowing the feds to outlaw a plant. To the point where they refused to allow a dying woman the medicinal benefit of relief it would have given her. Saying that she had no right to break the law to seek this relief. But again I ask what is the enumerated power that the feds are exercising in making this plant illegal? If this was 1920, you could say that this power was somehow connected to the Volstead amendment, but that was repealed, and thus that power was removed. So what is the enumerated power that this particular federal law is in pursuance of?…

Again I ask, Are you ready to help limit this monstrosity using the proven method of local and state resistance instead of waiting for the Supremes to let us down one more time?

Earlier, in my Grandfathers time, the Supremes handed down the absolute worst precedent ever. Wickard v. Filburn. In this case the Supreme court allowed the Feds to regulate how much grain a farmer was allowed to grow on his own farm even for his own consumption. They said it was based upon the fact that he would buy less based upon the amount he grew even though it was not only not sold in interstate commerce, it was not sold at all. If they can regulate this, what can’t they regulate?

Combine the Supreme Courts refusal to “enforce” the Constitution, with the obvious acceleration of illegal acts happening in DC today. I have to ask the question one more time… Are you ready to take some responsibility and defend the Constitution at home. Your state legislatures have all the authority they need to stop the Feds. What they lack right now is the political will. Will you give it to them? They may not act if you ask them, but they definitely wont act if you don’t You can find the tools to limit the feds at the Tenth amendment center. We have been fighting this battle in state houses across the country. If nothing else in this article sticks, please remember that the fight for DC is over, We lost. If we are to pull this thing out of the fire, we need to win the battle of Salem.