I’m not sure how much I can rely on a Facebook post to gauge of public opinion, but if it provides any indication at all, an editorial cartoon I posted last week reveals Americans have about had it with the Republican – Democrat paradigm.
The cartoon depicts a car that just crashed into a wall labeled “Democrats.” It’s pretty clear the car has hit the wall more than once. The back side of the car also features significant damage and the rear wall, labeled “Republicans,” reveals that the car has crashed into it more than once. The passenger says, “Well, try reverse again.”

Back and forth they go.

The cartoon had nearly 250 “shares” and a reach of well over 10,500 people when I posted it last week. For my little Facebook page, those represent pretty significant numbers.

Maybe people are starting to get it.

When I speak, I often state that Republicans and Democrats make up two sides of the same coin. You will notice some significant cosmetic differences, but at the core, they’re pretty much the same. I find this particularly true when it comes to constitutional fidelity. Both parties hold up the Constitution when it suits their purposes. But both parties abandon it when holding to it becomes inconvenient to their preferred policy positions. And the truth is, we have a great deal of bipartisan agreement on issues like indefinite detention without due process, mass spying, government bailouts, unconstitutional wars, federal meddling in education, the welfare state (social for the Democrats and Corporate for the Republicans) and much more. As Tom Woods often says, it’s pretty amusing watching partisans at election time pointing at the “other guy,” who differs from “their guy” by maybe two percent, and calling him the worst person in the world.

Perhaps the popularity of the little cartoon indicates people coming to grips with the insanity of partisan politics in the United States.

Americans need to understand that changing out the party in Washington D.C. will never solve their problems. In fact, Washington D.C. is the problem. We’ve centralized power at the federal level, and by and large, we now have a bipartisan consensus within the political class that it has a right to rule over you and violate your rights in the process.

Despite the popularity of the editorial cartoon, I still hear a lot of Republicans who think getting the Democrats out of office will make things better. And a lot of Democrats still blame George W. Bush for, well, pretty much everything.

Newsflash – the Obama policy is pretty much the Bush policy.Getting the “right Republican” or the “right Democrat” elected won’t make a difference. Republicans would do well to remember that at some point, Eric Cantor was the “right Republican.” And for Democrats, I have just three words for you – “Hope and Change.”

No matter what happens in the 2014 mid-term elections or the 2016 presidential campaign, I will make you one absolute guarantee – the next year the federal government will be bigger, more powerful, more intrusive and deeper in debt.

You will never change Washington D.C. by trading out some of the cogs with new shiny cogs featuring a different brand name. The entire system is corrupt. The hope lies in changing it from the bottom up, through state and local efforts.
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Mike Maharrey