More people are receiving exemptions from Obamacare.

This time, it is those living in the U.S. territories. Residents in those areas will not have to deal with many of the provisions in President Obama’s “signature achievement.”

According to a July 18 report, “Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, informed him that the Virgin Islands, and other U.S. territories, would be exempt from the bulk of Obamacare. The announcement comes after years of complaints about the territories, who were being forced to comply with Obamacare while residents were not mandated to enroll and the territories were exempt from receiving federal subsidies.”

But how will the Virgin Islands cope with the lack of access to Affordable Care? Will the sky fall in Guam because people won’t be forced to buy insurance? How will Puerto Rico be able to cope without tens of thousands of bureaucrats meddling in their health affairs?

Somehow, I find it difficult to sympathize with the plight of these folks on this issue. Quite the contrary, I am jealous of them. They won’t have to deal with the increase in premium costs, the reduction in employment, the shortages, the longer wait times, the decrease of the quality of care, and the many other unforeseen consequences of the ill-conceived insurance industry bailout that was Orwellianly titled the Affordable Care Act. The territories will get off easy while mainland America gets the shaft.

The Obama administration’s refusal to enforce Obamacare equally on everyone under American jurisdiction puts the ridiculousness and illegitimacy of the Affordable Car Act on full display. If the federal government won’t abide by its own rules and procedures, why should any of us? If it arbitrarily picks and chooses who is to be subject to their edicts, why can’t we just refuse play along? Questions like these are suddenly becoming more relevant as Washington D.C. grows less responsive to the needs of the people.

Thankfully, the founding fathers gave us a constitutionally valid method to resist the federal government. Americans do not have to go along with the policies of an administration that repeatedly shows no respect for their rights. The solution is to exert state sovereignty and nullify Obamacare immediately! The feds subvert the Constitution everyday, now let us respond by subverting their demands! The Supreme Court has repeatedly held the the federal government can’t force sates to implement or enforce their programs. Take them up on that!

Because Obamacare is such a vast, monstrous bureaucratic nightmare, a great deal of state-level compliance is needed to enforce the policy throughout the country. This compliance can be removed instantly through state legislatures. If enough states withdraw their support, Obamacare fizzles out. It will serve as a de facto repeal.

Take our 4 step plan to defeat Obamacare to your state legislators. That way, we can join the people in the U.S. territories who don’t have to deal an unconstitutional federal intrusion in the health care system.

The feds want us to believe that their word goes, but that is not the case. When we are armed with the knowledge and the correct strategy, the federal government is powerless to stop us.

Go to the Tenth Amendment Center Tracking and Action Center and ACT NOW to stop Obamacare before it does irreparable damage to our health freedom.