Writing in her ground-breaking book, History of the American Revolution, Mercy Otis Warren – known as the Muse of the Revolution – asked why people were so willing to obey the government and answers that it is supineness, fear of resisting, and the long habit of obedience.

These reasons contribute to our nation’s maladies, but there is an additional factor fostering apathy and compliance. That is the immense debt and the way the feds us it to buy the silence and obedience of the people. With the president’s health care overhaul going into effect, the number of people receiving government subsidy in some fashion has reached over 50 percent, with around 151 million people receiving federal payola. A Forbes article elaborates:

Thus, perhaps 52 percent of U.S. households—more than half—now receive benefits from the government, thanks to President Obama. And Mr. Entitlement is just getting started. If Obamacare is not repealed millions more will join the swelling rolls of those dependent on government handouts…
Seniors who support limited government and fiscal responsibility—in short, the exact opposite of Obama’s policies—become very protective of their benefits. And that makes change difficult.

This commentary hits the nail right on the head. The feds have fostered a culture of dependency. The political class understands that a population on the dole is easier to control. Essentially, politicians bribe constituents.

Money for power.

An individual becomes much more supportive and compliant  when they are on a fixed income and rely on Social Security and Medicare to survive. Record-level corruption suddenly gets a pass when you need food stamps to feed your family.

There is no easy way out of this mess. If these government programs are cut, families are hurt and some may go hungry. That is a terrible outcome. On the other hand, these programs are completely unsustainable. If they keep getting expanded by power-hungry bureaucrats to buy votes, eventually the whole system will come crashing down, and then everyone suffers. This is a no-win situation the feds have created.

However, there is a possible solution that allows you to keep your freedom as the inevitable turmoil from these spendthrift policies hit us.The TAC strategy consists of state-level legislation designed to protect your basic rights.This will serve to devolve power away from D.C. and back to the states, breaking up the government monopoly we currently live under. A decentralized system will be much more resilient when it comes time to pay the piper for decades of reckless spending.

We have our 4th Amendment Protection Act, which makes it more difficult for the NSA to spy on you. We have our 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, which keeps the feds from taking away your God-given right to self-defense. Our Hemp Freedom Act, Cannabis Freedom Act, and Constitutional Tender Act keeps the prying feds away from your pocketbook and helps keep your economy strong during the seemingly never-ending recession. We have all of these solutions and more than can allow you to keep your freedom and prosperity when you need it the most.

We live in strange, frightening times. That much cannot be denied. Although we cannot provide a silver bullet to fix all of the country’s laundry list of problems, we can help you to keep your rights safeguarded from the onerous influence in Washington D.C. The feds are clearly at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution, but they cannot be successful without our help. If we understand our rights and are proactive through the lower levels of government, we can stop them. It begins with you becoming active and getting into the fight. Join us, and ward off federal agenda in your state and local community.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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