Nowadays in the United States the questions being asked are not about issues but usually about the people who bring up these issues. Take Mr. Snowden for example. Former NSA analyst has exposed many things about the programs that the Government has implemented to spy not only on the rest of the world but U.S. citizens as well.

Lets see if we truly have freedom still. We have a president who has murdered 4 U.S. citizens with drone strikes and no due process. One of these happened to be a 16 year old teenager who was born in Colorado. Does this sound like freedom if our president assumes this power to kill citizens? Does it sound like freedom if the government collects all your info that you conduct on the Internet, phone calls, text messages and email? Does it sound like freedom if you have no privacy? A common statement I hear is ” If are doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about”. Really? That isn’t freedom that is a constitutional republic becoming a police state.

Is it freedom if the executive branch uses the IRS to harass their political enemies? Is it freedom when your rights that are inherent to you for you being human and bestowed upon you by your creator depending on your religious leaning are subject to men and woman elected to be your representatives yet abridge, infringe and destroy your protections by legislative fiat? Our rights, Which they took an oath to protect, are sacred to each and every one of us and are constantly being attacked by these men and woman who say they represent us.

Is it freedom that we know have secret courts deciding what is constitutional? Is it freedom that this court has hardly ever declined a request from the government to look at your information? Is it freedom that they do not publish their opinions in these secret courts for the broad use of these laws? Is it freedom when our representatives in both the house, the senate, and the executive agreed that they should have the ability to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens with no evidence of wrong doing and no right to due process or a lawyer? Is it freedom if the people who serve us, and answer to us, have more power than than we do? Is it freedom that it is either Democrat or Republican? Is it freedom that they limit the debate to what they want to talk about rather important issues?

Is it freedom that they have made so many bureaucracies that are not answerable to the people? Is it freedom that these agencies are allowed to infringe on our rights? Is it freedom that what you own can be taken if a tax is not paid on it every year? Is it freedom that these officials abuse the citizenry with no repercussions? Is it freedom that congress in concert with the executive, tax small businesses out of existence? Is it freedom to have your money taken by force to pay for programs that you have no interest in? Is it freedom that you are mandated to pay for a retirement program you have no interest in? Is it freedom that the peace officers are now law enforcement and abuse their powers just as much as those who pass the unconstitutional laws?

Is it freedom that those who serve the public make more than the public? Is it freedom that those in office feel the need to be protected by guns but want to take and/or limit yours? Is it freedom that you can now be arrested and charged with a crime for exercising your freedom of speech? Is it freedom if you can no longer say what you want, only what is politically correct? Is it freedom that the government uses force to coerce you into purchasing an item? Is it still freedom if that same government uses force and taxes to make you purchase health insurance that you may not want or need?

Tell me does it still feel like freedom when the freedoms our founders fought for we do not enjoy now? Is it freedom when you have to ask the government to be married? Is it freedom when those in power are not prosecuted for their crimes while those not in power are prosecuted for those they did not commit? Is it freedom if the government has more say on how your child is raised than you do? Is it freedom when the government determines what is a recognized religion and what is not?

Is this still freedom to you? Are we so blind and scared that we don’t dare stand up and demand our freedom? Freedom is not easily obtained but that gem is well worth the work for it. You cannot expect freedom to be handed to you. You can not expect those in power to give you your freedom back once they have taken it. You must demand it. You must defend the freedoms and rights of even your enemy if you want to keep yours. Freedom is hard to grasp and hard to keep but the fight and work that goes into it is well worth the pain.

If the law or the Government is of such a design as to cause injustice, then I say break them both.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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