Last Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest scolded Congress for interfering in DC’s initiative 71. An approved initiative which, decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, passed with over 70% support last election.

As a prime example of “do as I say, not as I do” a $1.1 trillion Congressional resolution includes provisions limiting DC’s ability to forge its own path regarding legalized marijuana despite White House’s posturing to the contrary.

Of course, all the rhetoric from both Obama and the Democrats have not stood up to the perpetual war on drugs they wish to continue.  In fact, since 1997 the DEA has conducted 528 raids, over half (270) of which came under the Obama’s Administration.

With over a million Americans currently, and legally, utilizing medical marijuana, each raid hurts those already at a disadvantage.  With each civil forfeiture, patients are left with the difficult choice of either travels hours to the next distributor or looking to the illicit market.

The price tag for such expansion is telling as well.  In just 4 and ½ years, the Obama Administration has spent $300 million on law enforcement and legal actions within states allowing medical marijuana; $100 million more than his predecessor President Bush.

With a record of increased crack downs and price tag, the Administration has no room to convey that they are aghast by Congress interference.  In fact, with the bi-partisan support from the likes of Rep Andy Harris (R-MD), the Democrats and Obama Administration have no intention of living up to their rhetoric.


The 10th Amendment

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