A bill has been introduced in the Colorado General Assembly that would stop the state from operating a state healthcare exchange for the Affordable Care Act.

State Representative Janak Joshi and State Senator Kevin Lundberg have introduced House Bill 15-1066 (HB15-1066) would repeal the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act, which was passed in 2010 in response to the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that each state establish a health benefit exchange option through state law or participate in a national exchange.

Any remaining amount of money in any account of the state health exchange program would go to a Colorado nonprofit foundation selected by the board for the “purposes of promoting access to health care and improving health outcomes for populations in Colorado with high health care needs.”

The bill has been assigned to the state House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee.

HB15-1066 is a significant step in a multi-step process towards defeating Obamacare. .

The federal government needs the states to run their own healthcare exchange to make Obamacare work because don’t have the resources or the manpower to run them in every state. Some analysts are saying that they only have the capacity to do so in 30-40 states.

Any more than that will lead towards a collapse of the system, which is exactly what we want.

So far, 36 states have rejected the creation of an exchange.  But, most of these actions were done by an action of a Governor, and not legislatively. While this is a strong first step and will have significant effect in the long run, these Gubernatorial actions are highly susceptible to a quick change. Legislation like HB15-1066 in Colorado helps put a nail in the coffin of Obamacare.


For Colorado: Take action to support this bill by following the steps at THIS LINK.

Everywhere else: Follow the steps at THIS LINK to bring down the ACA in the states.

TJ Martinell

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