Politicians are actively trying to rob you, to take your rights, to harm in you countless ways. That is evident, but a righteous backlash is beginning to form. The people are starting to push back and show these Congress critters the disdain that they deserve.

A Washington D.C. shop owner is so disgusted with the behavior of Rep. Andy Harris, who added language in a massive spending bill passed recently that denied in the will of the people in Washington D.C. to legalize marijuana, that he is refusing service to him and encouraging others to do the same. The Washington Post reports on this exciting development:

To many in the District, Harris is a public enemy — the force behind language added to the massive federal government spending bill intended to block D.C. from legalizing marijuana despite local voters overwhelmingly approving it on the November ballot.

The move so infuriated District residents that someone has started a “Blacklist Andy Harris” tumblr asking local businesses not to serve Harris:

“My fellow Washingtonians, Rep. Andy Harris doesn’t give a d— about District residents or our rights, so let’s blacklist him! We can generate and distribute signs/stickers/posters with his face, words like “Persona non Grata” (or something similar), and ask local businesses to display them. We could also put up signs with similar messages all around the District.”

We always hear about discrimination being a bad thing, and that usually is the case. However, this type anti-federal discrimination can be encouraged and applauded. While some like to repeat the trite propaganda slogan that ‘we are the government,’ it couldn’t be further from the truth. What lurks in Washington D.C. is an organized criminal class that aggressively works to dominate the rest of us, and they have had our respect for far too long. It is time to start disrespecting these guys en masse, and then take further measures from there.

In one of their most egregious abuses, the egomaniacs and control freaks in Washington D.C. have been locking up people into cages for possessing and distributing the benign plant known as marijuana for decades. In doing so, they have wasted billions of dollars, broken up countless families, crushed lives, and ripped the fabric of society to shreds. This is the type of behavior that should be reviled, and there must be consequences for the perpetrators of these senseless policies.

Ostracism is a good start, but it is simply not enough. Remember what the Founding Fathers did in response to the tyrants of their day. They didn’t just complain, write feckless letters or vote the bums out. Sam Adams, in particular, hung effigies of the political class that they successfully worked to overthrow. They demonized them. They dragged their names through the mud. They vilified its supporters. They weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. We must learn lessons from our heroic forefathers, and follow in their footsteps.

The gloves must come off. The tyrants in Washington D.C. have declared war on our sacred rights. They have committed unforgivable offenses against our liberty. The bought-and-paid-for media hacks call for civility and a sanitary public discourse. We must give them the opposite. We must organize aggressively against these punks. That begins with subverting their power by working at the state level. Flagrantly disobeying their edicts can work, and an ever-growing list of states legalizing marijuana have proven that. So get in the game and nullify, it can make all the difference in winning this war that is literally a life or death struggle.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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