A bill introduced in the South Dakota State House would end the state’s involvement with Common Core state standards and prohibit the adoption of certain multi-state educational standards.

Introduced by State Rep. Blaine Campbell, House Bill 1223 (HB1223), would require the state to stop using Common Core State Standards Initiative by June 30, 2017.

The bill also states that “no multi-state educational standards related to, similar to, or associated with the Common Core State Standards Initiative may be adopted in this state.”

Rejecting nationalized education standards is the first step toward bringing true academic choice and freedom. Passage of this legislation would represent a positive step forward for the people of South Dakota and a path for other states to follow.


In South Dakota: Support this legislation by following all the steps at THIS LINK.

For Other States: Take action to stop Common Core in your state, start at this link.

TJ Martinell

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