PHOENIX (Mar. 12, 2015) – Yesterday, the Arizona state house passed a bill that would ban Common Core, nullifying its implementation. The vote was 34-23.

Introduced by State Reps. Mark Finchem (R-11), Brenda Barton (R-6), Jay Lawrence (R-23), and Noel W. Campbell (R-1), House Bill 2190 (HB2190) would prohibit the state board of education from adopting or implementing Common Core standards in the state. It would also render null and void any previous implementations of these standards.

HB2190 would strike a dagger through the heart of the national educational plan that jeopardizes local control over schools. The bill reads, in part:

The state board of education may not enter into any agreement, memorandum of understanding or contract with any federal agency or private entity that in any way cedes or limits state discretion or control over the process of developing, adopting or revising subject matter standards and corresponding statewide student assessments in the public school system.

The bill also contains a provision pertaining to revisions of the state academic content standards that mandates the state board of education to hold a public meeting in each congressional district prior to doing so. This would make it more difficult for Common Core or something similar to sneak through without any public awareness.

Rejecting nationalized education standards is the first steps toward bringing true academic choice, and freedom. Passage of this legislation would represent a positive step forward for the people of Arizona and a path for other states to follow.

HB2190 now moves to the state Senate, where it will first be assigned to a committee before the full Senate can consider it.


For Arizona: Take steps to support HB2190 HERE.

For other states: Take measures to fight Common Core in your state HERE.

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