“We the People” created our government with the ratification of our Constitution.

We are supposed to be the employer and the elected officials are supposed to be our employees. The Constitution is the rulebook that was created to officiate the government. The Constitution prohibits elected officials from doing anything that is not specifically delegated to them.

Americans were meant to be the master and our elected officials were meant to be our servants. The government derives its power from the consent of the governed and that power can be lawfully revoked any time “We the People” believe that the government has exceeded its Constitutional authority.

As a parent, do you need to ask your children permission before you take action. We were born free and independent, and we don’t need the permission or consent of our government to exercise rights that were granted to us by our Creator.

If the government officials refuse to hear our complaints, we have the authority to alter or abolish the government. We have the power to hold government officials accountable for violating their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

If you agree that the government has exceeded its lawful authority, the time has come for “We the People” to stand up and regain control. We must band together to prevent federal overreach. The best way to stop unjust laws is for the people to refuse to comply. “We the People” must never consent to tyranny and never ask permission from a lawless government to exercise our God-given rights.