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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it from people – “There’s no way you can get that done, it’ll never happen.” But I didn’t start the Tenth Amendment Center 10 years ago because I thought that supporting the constitution and liberty would be easy.

I didn’t give up a good-paying career under some wild delusion that the odds weren’t stacked against us.  For me, and our whole team – we do what we do because it’s the right thing to do, no matter what the odds.

You couldn’t expect worse odds than trying to pass a bill taking on asset forfeiture – and the FEDERAL program too – in California.  But guess what, with a lot of hard work – it happened. Read about it here:

When that law goes into effect in January, California – of all places (along with Nebraska and New Mexico) – will actually have the strongest limitations against asset forfeiture AKA government stealing – of any state in the Union.

I honestly expected Jerry Brown to veto the bill.  Here’s a guy who signs the worst trash that gets to his desk, and he repeatedly vetoes ALL the good ones he sees.  But, with a ton of grassroots pressure from all over the place, it actually got signed – and we get a win for both the Constitution and liberty.  Against all odds, and we’re going to do it again!

Now we’re going to push to get this done in every state possible in 2017 and beyond.

But we just don’t have the ability to do this without your help. We’re working hard to expand our base and the financial resources to help replicate this success in places like Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and all over.

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1) A sweeping new privacy protection law just went into effect in Vermont!

2) The Connecticut Right to Try Act went into effect on Saturday.

3) FIVE and Counting! Forsyth County, Georgia rejects HUD funding, says NO to federal control


Thank you for reading!


–Michael Boldin
Tenth Amendment Center

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Michael Boldin

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