The neoconservative knives are out for Trump. Who couldn’t have predicted this?

He’s faced obstruction, leaks, and dissent. His administration seems to be in disarray. More people have been fired than on any episode of The Apprentice.

And we’re barely seven months into this administration.

Trump should take note of the obstacles the greatest president in American history faced at around this same juncture in his administration.

No, I am not speaking of Lincoln or Roosevelt–I would have to be on some serious meds to classify those buffoons as great.

I am talking about John Tyler, “His Accidency.”

Tyler faced a near coup by his cabinet and was expelled from the Whig Party for vetoing their crappy legislation. What did he do? He gladly accepted their resignations, appointed his “state’s rights” buddies to his cabinet and moved on. And he kept vetoing their crappy legislation and brought Texas into the Union.

Not bad for a guy who renamed his planation “Sherwood Forest” in honor of his ostracism from the Washington establishment.

Trump should do the same thing. Get rid of the neoconservative scum and be a real “executive.” Don’t think for a minute that the Republican Party wants you to be president. There is a reason establishment darling Mike Pence is privately pulling support and why a recent survey suggests that many, if not most, Republicans in Congress prefer President Pence to President Trump.

Trump is the bull in the china shop. He isn’t a Republican. That’s a good thing.

Now act like it.

Don’t listen to the mainstream media or other establishment types telling you to “reconnect” with the Republican establishment.

That has already caused your administration to flounder.

Remember you ran as an outsider determined to drain the swamp. To do so, you must slash and burn the Republican establishment. They have deep roots.

I wrote about this issue for yesterday and delivered another outstanding podcast on the topic today, Episode 98 of The Brion McClanahan Show: Trump and Tyler.

Brion McClanahan
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