Was Marbury v. Madison Good for American Government?

Take any American history or political science course and you are certain to talk about the landmark Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison. I could probably also surmise that you will be told this is precisely the role the Constitution gave the judicial branch.

That, of course, would be wrong, but this would be one of many events the modern American educational system muffs on a regular basis.


Worst President? Most Were Awful, But What About LBJ?

Who was the worst president? Tom Woods and Michael Malice were presented with this question in one of his recent podcast episodes. He and Malice spent a good deal of time debating if Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Roosevelt did more damage to America. Both were awful, and Malice makes a compelling case for Wilson, while Woods at throws a few stones at FDR. But this question is too simplistic and it leaves out a host of other bad guy presidents in American history.