I recently appeared on “Probable Cause” with Newsbud founder and editor Sibel Edmonds to discuss the ongoing battle for “states’ rights” versus the federal government.

In the nearly hourlong interview, Sibel and I talked about nullification and how it serves as a powerful tool to take action at the state or local level. Sibel agrees with our assertion that we should spend less time worrying about Washington D.C. and more time focusing on state and local action.

“There are some good things happening within a local level, within a state level, because it is so much easier – I’m not saying it’s easy – but it’s relatively speaking easier to tackle some of these obstacles … Things are not happening from top to bottom. It’s a bottom-up situation. Things are happening at the local level.”

We also touched on some specific issues, including how state action could be used to hinder federal rendition and torture, how a refusal to cooperate could stop invasive TSA searches, and the power of opting out. We also had an interesting discussion about why opponents insist on labeling nullification supporters as racist.

Sibel characterized the Tenth Amendment as the federal government’s Achilles Heel. By the end of the interview, you’ll see why.

Here’s a preview of their members’ only content:

Michael Maharrey [send him email] is the Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. He proudly resides in the original home of the Principles of ’98 – Kentucky. See his blog archive here and his article archive here. He is the author of the book, Our Last Hope: Rediscovering the Lost Path to Liberty. You can visit his personal website at MichaelMaharrey.com and like him on Facebook HERE

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