On Tuesday Feb 19th, a House Subcommittee is expected to hold a do-or-die vote on an important bill to help stop asset forfeiture in Tennessee. Following the steps below, 10-15 minutes of your time can do a great deal to help this bill pass!

Background: Last year, the Gov signed into law a very modest reform of asset forfeiture in the state, but it’s definitely not enough. So this year, Rep Daniel and Sen. Niceley have introduced legislation to take the next step, primarily addressing a dangerous federal asset forfeiture loophole called “equitable sharing.” If you’d like to get all the details, you can read our report at this link

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS to support this important bill today.

1. Contact the House Civil Justice Subcommittee Chair, Mike Carter.
THANK him for holding a hearing on this bill. Firmly, (but be professional and courteous), let him know that you want him to vote YES on HB340.

A phone call has 10x the impact of an email. Both is the best if you don’t reach him directly
(615) 741-3025

2. Call/email the rest of the committee members. Again, be firm, but respectful. Urge each of them to take action to vote YES on HB340.

Bill Beck (615) 741-3229  rep.bill.beck@capitol.tn.gov
Johnny Garrett (615) 741-3893  rep.johnny.garrett@capitol.tn.gov
Joe Towns, Jr. (615) 741-2189  rep.joe.towns@capitol.tn.gov
Michael G. Curcio (615) 741-3513  rep.michael.curcio@capitol.tn.gov
Dan Howell (615) 741-7799  rep.dan.howell@capitol.tn.gov

3. Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks

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