The establishment can’t stand Tulsi Gabbard’s foreign policy. Why? Because she has the nerve to advance peace.

That doesn’t fit the imperial narrative. Now, the mainstream media has decided to call out her supporters as Russian plants. Gabbard responded by calling the story “fake news.” That certainly won’t win any points with the MSM.

Granted, Gabbard is a standard leftist on many issues. Her domestic policies would be awful, but the president is head of state and thus foreign policy is the most important issue during an presidential election cycle. Foreign policy drives domestic policy.

And frankly, almost every mainstream candidate has terrible domestic policy views. Would Gabbard really be any worse than Mitt Romney? Probably not. At least she favors free speech. That is something some on the “right” cannot say.

Trump is an anomaly in the 21st century, and he won in part because he promised to do things differently abroad. That has not happened for a variety of reasons, but Americans want something other than eternal war for eternal peace. It doesn’t make sense.

Gabbard’s military experience certainly plays a role in her foreign policy views. She openly talks about it. Casualty lists will change a person.

I discuss Gabbard in Episode 231 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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