Earlier this year, I warned people that the city of San Diego had been turned into a massive Chinese-Style public surveillance network, complete with facial recognition, spying streetlights, license plate readers and a police-run public watchlisting network. But what I failed to mention is who is really behind it.

A disturbing news release from the City of San Diego revealed that the U.S. military is actually helping transform San Diego into a Chinese-Style Smart City.

The City of San Diego, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer and Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Vincent A. Coglianese signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on “Smart City” technologies such as unmanned aircraft systems, spying smart streetlights and the city’s’ “Get It Done” app.

This disturbing partnership is actually referred to as the Marine Corps Installation Command or MCIC, not an MOU.

Why does the U.S. Military want to turn the entire city of San Diego into an enormous surveillance city?  Because it has two installations within the city’s boundary: the Marine Corps Air Station and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

According to NBC 7, the Marine Corps is very proud of turning San Diego into a spying smart city.

“We’re proud of supporting the community because we are the community,” added General Coglianese. “We’re apart of San Diego.”

When the military starts claiming it is part of the community and it has our best interests at heart, everyone should shudder. The U.S. military has a long and checkered history of ignoring the public and doing whatever it wants, as the Atlantic warned.

“My concern is this growing disconnect between the American people and our military,” retired Admiral Mike Mullen said.

According to the MCIC, the Marine Corps plan for “supporting the community” is to work with law enforcement and corporations to help develop and produce surveillance drones and spying streetlights. The Marine Corps also plans to conduct monthly conference calls with city officials (law enforcement) to address issues and action plans regarding “protection/security, mobility and public works.”

Two years ago, when I warned everyone that the CIA and Homeland Security were working together to create smart cities, most people did not want to believe it. But not even the most skeptical observer could ignore what is staring them in the face. The U.S. military, the CIA and Homeland Security are all working together, perfecting their brand of smart city surveillance on Americans.

The Chinese military openly works with smart city development, collaborating on new ways to spy on their citizens. So how is that any different than what is happening in America?


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