Common sense gun control is a trojan horse for ushering in the complete disarmament of the general population. So, says José Niño, a long-time gun-rights activist and political thinker from Venezuela. We discuss it on this episode of Tenther Talk.

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José worked as a gun rights lobbyist in Washington D.C. and believes in a “no compromise” right to keep and bear arms. His experience and as a lobbyist and the fact that he’s from Venezuela gives him a unique perspective on the gun control debate. Ultimately, he thinks disarmament is the end-game for the gun control movement  – no matter what they tell you about “common-sense measures.”

In this episode, of Tenther Talk, we talk about gun control, its history, how it played out in his home country, and the best way to stop it here. (Hint, José doesn’t think it’s by begging politicians in D.C. or suing in federal court.) He also explains how the right to self-defense evolved quite differently in English and Spanish law. Some of the things he says will undoubtedly surprise you. For instance, he thinks Republicans are just as dangerous to your right to keep and bear arms as the Democrats. We also touch on this notion that the system in Venezuela is “not real socialism.”

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The 10 Myths of Gun Control 
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