Congress and the FED just shot everything they have at the American economy. For what?

To save us from a “crisis,” a “crisis” of their own making.

Don’t get me wrong, the Wuhan virus is a nasty problem, and people who have been infected are facing life-threatening health problems. But that doesn’t mean Congress didn’t just wreck the entire American economic order. Never let a good crisis go to waste. If you want to centralize power, do it when everyone is at home worrying about their next meal or their next paycheck.

Of course, we don’t have any bread and circuses at the moment, so people are paying attention to what the knuckleheads in DC are doing.

Even Pelosi was caught flat-footed when the normally reliable media questioned some of the superfluous spending in the bill.

The 1000+ page bill designed to “save” America from the “crisis” is so loaded with pork the butchers are sharpening their knives for some bacon.

Everyone gets a cut.

And when everyone gets a cut, everyone loses.

Look, we’ve passed the point of no return vis-a-vis unconstitutional legislation. That happened in 1789. But this thing is so awful not even FDR would think it was a good idea. Then again, he might. His fellow New Yorker and “wartime” presidential ally Donald Trump seems to like it.

What’s not to love? Why, doesn’t everyone know the necessity of cleaning supplies for the United States government is a crisis? What’s $25,000,000 between friends for some cans of Lysol.

Nothing says conservative like a new New Deal.

I wonder if Trump will come up with some nifty name for the program.

How about the Raw Deal?

This thing is bigger and badder than anything the general government has shoved down the throats of the American public.

They already have plans for more.

This won’t end well. I have some hope for a grassroots renewal of American federalism after this, but Washington won’t go quietly in the night.

We need to start thinking locally and acting locally now.

Still, there is good news. The man who predicted the total number of COVID cases and deaths to nearly the exact number weeks ago ha suggested this thing won’t be as bad as people think.

Either way, this is a good time to get a non-government edumacation.

Today is the last day to purchase my newest course The American Presidents for a deep discount.

It’s 47 lectures and over 15 hours of pure red-pilled bliss. Bad presidents are great and great presidents are awful.

Just how it should be.

Brion McClanahan
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