During a time when government power is expanding at breakneck speed in response to the latest “emergency,” we need people committed to liberty more than ever.

“We the People” are the ultimate decision-makers. Government exists with our consent.

I don’t need permission from government to exercise my rights, and my rights are not limited to words written on a piece of paper. I possess them at all times and in every capacity. Furthermore, government needs permission to exercise any additional powers, assumed or otherwise, than those that we as sovereigns gave to it in our contract, the compact of the constitution.

Contracts do not enforce themselves. It’s up to the parties of the contract to do that. The great threat facing us all is government that acts without limits.

It is blatantly obvious why centralized power is incredibly dangerous, evidenced by the unlimited use of the emergency state during the coronavirus pandemic. Part of these emergency declarations is about crying wolf, normalizing emergencies and conditioning us to think that the expansion of government authority is not a threat when it absolutely is.

The good news is that we can simply take our power back; we the people are the source of all government power. We can snap our fingers and take our power back immediately. That knowledge is constantly suppressed from us. We can change the rules, determine their interpretation and even dissolve governments when they become detrimental to the purposes we created them for. These are the times that try man’s souls when actions are more crucial than words.

Martin Luther King Jr. said we must be involved in the struggle for freedom, Gandhi said to be the change we want to see in the world. The founders said it was a revolution in thought, first changing the minds of man; emphasizing self-determination. I say it’s time to act as free people, trust only ourselves and take action as is important to us.

That said, we need leaders, true leaders molded from the working man and uniting the common man. I can be one of many, the best leaders step into that role as is necessary not by choice. It’s not really about me, but I want to be deeply involved. I will never accept slavery or submit to the tyranny we face today. I will die free rather than live in slavery.

Hope can transform our future when channeled correctly. Things change quickly, as evidenced by the current situation. I have supported the TAC since my awakening in 2011. I have founded an organization called Liberty Defenders League, and already have a small network in place in several states. Join us and do your part today.

Chris Mishevski
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The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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