My email box has been on fire in the last few days. Everyone is concerned about the current political climate in America. We are on the verge of a third American revolution, and this one won’t have the same magnanimity of the first, but it will finish the intent of the second.
Donald Trump has promised to send in the national guard and the 82nd Airborne to restore order in what look like war ravaged cities across the United States.

Grand Wizard Northam said the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond will come down. I’m sure that will placate the mob and make everything all better. No need, Mr. President, to send in the army.

Of course many of these demonstrations are peaceful, but the violent barbarians had already accomplished their work. The Vandals who took out parts of the Roman Empire would be proud.

Everyone wants to know if Trump has the legal authority to send to nationalize the militia, aka the National Guard.

Short answer, no.

Not unless a State asks him to do so.

The Constitution is quite clear on the matter. Article IV, Section 4 is so plainly written even a judge could understand it.

Not quite for a president. Washington, Lincoln, and a host of other presidents have violated this “clause” before.

So Trump has historical cover. It doesn’t mean he’s right.

I discuss the issue in Episode 313 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

You can watch it here.


You can listen to it here.

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