In a country wracked by police protests, it seems like DHS and its fusion centers will stop at nothing to justify their existence. Not even the recent “BlueLeaks” documents exposing how law enforcement and fusion centers work together to identify, monitor and arrest peaceful protesters seems to affect them.

It has been at least four years since DHS first introduced the term “violent extremism” which in turn led to Fusion Centers creating “countering violent extremism,” helping them justify the ‘warrior cop’ mentality.

Three recent DHS intelligence bulletins from Public Intelligence reveal how DHS and fusion centers are up to their old tricks of inventing a homegrown enemy that does not actually exist.

A May 30, 2020, DHS intelligence bulletin titled “Ongoing Violence, Information Narratives Nationwide Poses Continued Threat to Law Enforcement” warns that domestic violent extremists are targeting and attacking police officers across the country.

In fact, DHS went out of its way to label anyone attacking police as white supremacist extremists or black supremacist extremists, five separate times.

But a mere two days later, DHS published another intelligence bulletin titled, “Violent Opportunist Tactics Observed During Civil Disturbances 26-31 May” and just like that DHS invented a new classification for anyone attempting to disrupt law enforcement operations.

“We assess that violent opportunists will continue to exploit ongoing nationwide lawful protests as a pretext to attempt to disrupt law enforcement operations; target law enforcement personnel, assets, and facilities; and damage public and private property. We have identified multiple tactics currently at play, including the use of weapons, counter-mobility, physical barriers, screening and concealment, intercepted communications, and pre-operational activities.”

DHS claims that violent opportunists use physical barriers, improvised obstacles, screened fences, fireworks, laser pointers, hand tools, projectiles, and Molotov cocktails against law enforcement.

DHS even warns law enforcement to be on the lookout for violent opportunists and anarchist extremists leaving caches of water, milk and medical supplies for protesters.

“In the days before a planned protest, violent opportunists may conduct reconnaissance of the planned route and assembly area. This is mainly to identify sources for weapons or improvised barriers, such as construction sites, retail outlets, pre-staged crowd barriers, or road construction barriers; stockpile improvised weapons caches; and establish rally points or escape routes. On 29 May, suspected anarchist extremists in Louisville, Kentucky, cached weapons and supplies throughout the city prior to engaging in violent acts. Items included baseball bats, water, milk (likely as a means to counteract the effects of tear gas), and other medical supplies.

Think about what this means. DHS is telling police that people caught leaving caches of water, milk or medical supplies should be considered a violent opportunist or anarchist extremist!

On June 2, 2020, DHS published one of its most disturbing accusations ever.

The DHS intelligence bulletin title “Some Violent Opportunists Probably Engaging in Organized Activities” should make you question its validity with a word like probably in its heading.

The first paragraph of this intelligence bulletin reads like a modern-day fairy tale, except it isn’t. It is worded in such a way as to fan the flames of anti-police fears amongst law enforcement.

“We assess that some violent opportunists have become more emboldened following a series of attacks against law enforcement during the last 24 hours nationwide. This could lead to an increase in potentially lethal engagements with law enforcement officials as violent opportunists increasingly infiltrate ongoing protest activity. We also have received an increase in reports on shots fired during lawful protests nationwide—an indicator we associate with the potential for increased violence moving forward—and several uncorroborated reports of probably violent opportunists pre-staging improvised weapons at planned protest venues.”  

DHS admits that reports of so-called violent opportunists pre-staging weapons caches, water, milk and medical supplies are uncorroborated. In other words, it is all a lie.

The latest intelligence bulletin goes on to claim that violent opportunists were responsible for throwing rocks, shooting fireworks and shooting police in two separate incidents. But then DHS goes back to warning police about uncorroborated fairy tales.

“We have several uncorroborated reports of bricks being pre-staged at planned protest venues nationwide, according to media reporting. Although we have been unable to verify the reporting through official channels, the staging of improvised weapons at planned events is a common tactic used by violent opportunists, and an increase in reports of staging of these materials at separate locations could be indicative that local coordination to infiltrate protests is increasing. We lack reporting indicating individuals are coordinating violence across multiple jurisdictions.

Sadly, this DHS fairy tale, has a horrific civil rights twist to it.

Police Told to Look Out for Suspicious Constitutionally Protected Activities

DHS is instructing police to Be On The Lookout (BOLO) for violent opportunists suspiciously conducting “constitutionally protected activities.”

“Some of the observed suspicious behaviors include constitutionally protected activities and should not be reported absent articulable facts and circumstances that supports a reasonable belief the observed behavior is itself, or when taken in context of other activities, is indicative of violent activities.”

Below is a brief list of suspicious violent opportunist activities.

  • Monitoring and reporting on law enforcement personnel, communications, and movements during planned protests.
  • Transition from generic calls for violence to providing specific targeting or operational guidance.
  • Encouraging or redirecting planned protest activities away from major metropolitan areas to cities and municipalities with fewer law enforcement personnel.
  • Discovery of banners or other materials used to employ “Black Bloc” tactics for concealing identity or shielding activities from law enforcement scrutiny.
  • Reports of coordinated reconnaissance of planned protests venues prior to the event.

Taken together these DHS intelligence bulletins reveal a disturbing new trend in how the Department of Justice plans to justify arresting and charging peaceful protesters.


The 10th Amendment

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