If you listened to Episode 328 of The Brion McClanahan show, you know I am very critical of the unconstitutional moves by the Trump administration to put boots on the ground in Portland, Oregon.

This wouldn’t end with Portland.

You know what? It took Trump one day to prove me correct.

On July 22, Trump announced that, according to “Operation Legend,” hundreds of federal “law enforcement officers” would be sent into other American cities to clean up crime.

Of course, this is done with an eye toward the election. The left is showing who they really are, and Trump wants to be the law and order hero like Richard Nixon in 1968 and 1972.

But it must be done constitutionally, i.e. legally. It doesn’t matter what the talking head at the press briefing has to say on the matter — federal law doesn’t equal the Constitution.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge said he would’ve resigned before sending federal “LEOs” into American cities without their consent. He’s a “Never Trumper” and a warm mongering neoconservative who headed one of the most unconstitutional departments in American history. But at least on this point, he’s correct.

Undoubtedly, Trump has precedents to cite: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln to name three, which is why I said all three helped screw up America.

I know this is a hard topic for those on the right, but we must be consistent. If Obama did this, would anyone on the right approve of the move? No.

The solution: secession, nullification, decentralization. In other words, real federalism.

I discuss the topic in Episode 330 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

Brion McClanahan
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