The Maryland Defend the Guard Act is set for a hearing on Feb. 8. If you live in Maryland, you can help support the bill by taking a few simple steps.

Background: Del. Robin Grammer (R) introduced House Bill 273 (HB273) on Jan. 13. The legislation would prohibit the governor from releasing any unit or member of the Maryland National Guard into “active duty combat” unless Congress has passed an official declaration of war or has taken an official action under article I, § 8, clause 15 of the Constitution. You can read more about the legislation at this link.

A hearing on HB273 is scheduled in the House Health and Government Operations Committee for Feb. 8 at 3 p.m.

You can take the following actions to support HB273 in this important committee hearing.

2) Download the testimony template HERE. (make sure to keep the parts in BOLD anything else you can change to your liking) We are cautioned against mentioning party affiliation.
3) Submit your written testimony here: Witness Signup.  TIME SENSITIVE must be done on  Friday, Feb. 4th between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. You can choose to submit oral testimony as well, but it is not required. (instructions on that will follow)
4) Call the House Health and Government Operations Committee Members. Be firm, but respectful and professional. Ask them to please support HB 273 Defend the guard.
If you get any questions you are unsure about, just ask if you can call them back and refer them to
  • Shane Pendergrass 410-841-3138 Chair

  • Joseline Pena-Melnyk, Vice-Chair 410-841-3502

  • Heather Bagnall 410-841-3406

  • Lisa Belcastro 410-841-3833

  • Harry Bhandari 410-841-3526

  • Alfred Carr 410-841-3638

  • Brian Chisholm 410-841-3206

  • Bonnie Cullison 410-841-3883

  • Terri Hill 410-841-3378

  • Steven Johnson 410-841-3280

  • Anne Kaiser 410-841-3036

  • Ariana Kelly 410-841-3642

  • Kenneth Kerr 410-841-3240

  • Nicholaus Kipke 410-841-3421

  • Susan Krebs 410-841-3200

  • Cheryl Landis 410-841-3448

  • Robbyn Lewis 410-841-3772

  • Matthew Morgan410-841-3170

  • Teresa Reilly 410-841-3278

  • Samuel Rosenberg 410-841-3297

  • Sid Saab 410-841-3551

  • Sheree Sample-Hughes 410-841-3427

  • Kathy Szeliga 410-841-3698

  • Karen Lewis Young 410-841-3436

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