I am beyond excited to announce that I can now take pre-orders for my upcoming book, Thomas Paine: A Lifetime of Radicalism, to be released 11/25.

Pre-orders here: https://davidbenner.square.site/

If you pre-order from me directly, I can also personalize your books (fill out optional field with info) and ship to you at the soonest moment possible. It is available in Hardcover and Paperback for now. I cannot provide Kindle format directly, but when it goes live on Amazon that will be available also. My other books are available through this system also.

For those curious, I don’t believe in intellectual property, so the book will be published under a creative commons attribution that openly permits copying and redistribution of the content within. This is the least I can do to honor Paine, who relinquished his copyrights to both Common Sense and The Rights of Man to ensure greater distribution and sew the seeds of liberty in pastures around the world.

Any questions? I will be happy to answer. Thank you all for the support!

Dave Benner

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