Last week, I talked about how the left is now openly calling to shred the Constitution.

They’ve been doing that for years, but they are now saying the quiet part out loud.

But what about “conservatives?”

The Federalist Society gives out an annual award called the Joseph Story Award, ostensibly because Story was, supposedly, an “originalist.”

This is the problem with legal “conservatives.” If you call Story an originalist, then you are arguing that the “Anti-Federalist” view of the Constitution was the correct interpretation.

In other words, you believe that the Constitution is all of the bad things they said it would be when they argued against it.

You know why? Because Story said as much in his famous Commentaries, a multi-volume work that is still assigned in law schools.

That is not the Constitution that the ratifying conventions agreed to support.

Yet, here we are.

This is the leading legal basis for “Conservative Nationalism”, and it’s built on a house of cards.

Going down this path leads to every leftist innovation on the books.

The only truly “conservative” American principle is decentralization, otherwise known as federalism.

This is where “conservatives” often get into trouble, particularly those who think Lincoln or Hamilton were “conservative.”

I discuss flipping the Constitution and why this is dangerous in episode 715 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

You can watch it here.

Brion McClanahan
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