The Tennessee Defend the Guard Act needs a Senate sponsor by Thursday, Feb. 1 at 9 a.m. central, or the House bill will die. Follow the action steps below to help move the bill forward!

Background: Rep. Jay Reedy filed House Bill 1609 (HB1609) in November. The legislation would prohibit the governor from releasing any unit or member of the Tennessee National Guard into “active duty combat” unless Congress has passed an official declaration of war or has taken an official action under Article I, § 8, clause 15 of the Constitution. You can read more about the legislation at this link.

The Tennessee legislative process requires all bills to have both a House and Senate sponsor before they can move through the legislative process. The deadline for a Senate sponsor is looming.

Reedy also filed a resolution (HJR689) stating that “we hereby urge the United States Congress to keep the power to declare war and for the National Guard to be protected from executive power.” Sources close to the Tenth Amendment Center say Reedy is content to pass the resolution and take up the Defend the Guard legislation next year.

You can take the following actions to support HB1609.

Contact Represent Rep. Jay Reedy
Urge him to ask Sen. Rusty Crowe to file the bill and let him know firmly but politely that you do not want Defend the Guard put off until the next legislative session.
(615) 741-7098

Contact Sen. Rusty Crowe
Urge him to sponsor the bill this session.
(615) 741-2468

Mike Maharrey

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