Tom Woods on Nullification, this November at the Mises Academy

Writes J. Grayson Lilburne: The Mises Academy is pleased to announce Nullification: A Jeffersonian Bulwark Against Tyranny, a four-week, online course with Thomas E. Woods, starting November 16. From the description: Nullification, the Jeffersonian mechanism of state resistance to unconstitutional acts of the U.S. government, has returned to the news in recent years, and is the subject…


The Two-Party Plague continues in Minnesota

In Minnesota, when we have political debates, such as in Duluth, and Grand Rapids, we only see candidates that are from the Donkey and Elephant regimes, one trying to out do the other buying the most votes.

The above mentioned debates were sponsored by Debate Minnesota, which boasts a board member lineup of Donkeys and Elephants that apparently selects only candidates of their choosing, even though there are other qualified candidates seeking to represent the people of Minnesota instead of spending, corruption and lies.{00792D64-D452-4A07-98B7-1EAAE9120F19}

Some of us in Minnesota are realizing, some faster than others, that the two party plague is in fact a disease that protects career politicians, corporate interests and increased taxes for the continued expansion of big government.  We want and need less not more!

Many of us in Minnesota are becoming or are damn tired of electing representatives that take it upon themselves to become our masters.  This certainly can not be what our Founders had envisioned.


Chevy Volt — The Government’s Car

Here is a short but energetic editorial on Investors Business Daily about the Volt fraud at Government Motors. Make sure you look at the photo showing the smiling, phony Bureaucrats and Michigan Monarchs who, thanks to the average Dufus Americanus, can easily turn your enslavement into a fuzzy photo-op.

We heard GM’s then-CEO Fritz Henderson claim the Volt would get 230 miles per gallon in city conditions. Popular Mechanics found the Volt to get about 37.5 mpg in city driving, and Motor Trend reports: “Without any plugging in, (a weeklong trip to Grandma’s house) should return fuel economy in the high 30s to low 40s.”

Car and Driver reported that “getting on the nearest highway and commuting with the 80-mph flow of traffic — basically the worst-case scenario — yielded 26 miles; a fairly spirited backroad loop netted 31; and a carefully modulated cruise below 60 mph pushed the figure into the upper 30s.”

We know that our Soros-sanctioned, Green Prime Minister has hailed the Chevy Volt as the new Lord and Savior of the planet. After all, it is impossible to ignore the fact that this car, no matter what you think of EVs or hybrids, is the direct result of central planning from the people in power who pass laws allowing them to take and spend your money as they, along with their friends in big corporations, see fit. In the process, the enablers and their recipients all get richer, and those who aren’t in power lose their prosperity and freedom.


Bashing Some Zombies

I wrote this article the other day in response to a zombie attack from Media Matters, the left-wing commissar-enforcer hypochondriac site.

It applies equally to another commissar, Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress, who likes to quote 15-year-old statements against me that obviously have nothing to do with my work or what I believe.  Fifteen years ago I was still by and large pro-war, pro-drug war, and much else.  Millhiser describes me as — get this — a “pro-Confederate activist.”  I must be the world’s laziest such activist.  I am not “pro” any government at all.  That probably makes me more radical than the guy thinks I am.

If what I’m saying is so obviously stupid and easily refuted, you’d think they’d just go ahead and refute it, instead of digging up old stuff they obviously know — if they have any journalistic competence at all — has nothing to do with my political philosophy.  Instead, all we get is a throwaway line about nullification being an “unconstitutional theory.”  Perhaps Millhiser will forgive us for wanting more by way of proof than his ex cathedra pronouncements.  Poor Millhiser is a law school graduate, though, so of course he knows none of the relevant history. As a J.D. Ph.D. once told me, one should never confuse legal training with an education.


Health care plan violates 10th Amendment

A pretty obvious title for regular readers of this blog. But, good nonetheless. We’re grateful for the editors over at the Lexington Herald-Leader for giving some op-ed space to Kentucky TAC coordinator Michael Maharrey, and in limited space, I think he put together a fantastic article. Here’s an excerpt: Progressives argue that the power to…


Public’s View of Federal Workers

poll released this week by the Washington Post found that 52 percent of Americans think federal workers are overpaid and 49 percent said they thought federal workers work “less hard” than private sector workers. Also, 75 percent said that federal workers receive better pay and benefits than similar private sector employees.

Post columnist Joe Davidson says the last result in particular left Office of Personnel Management director John Berry “steaming”:

He said he was frustrated that “the Heritage and Cato misinformation campaign has obviously gained traction.” The two Washington, D.C., think tanks have produced widely discussed reports indicating that federal workers are paid too much. A “pretty prolonged misinformation campaign over the last six month leading up to this,” he said, “has worked.”

It’s not surprising that Berry – an individual who has spent his entire career working in government – doesn’t appreciate the fact that regular Americans aren’t enthusiastic about funding generous pay and benefits for federal workers.


When Zombies Attack!

Please take a moment to read and share the latest Tenth Amendment Newsletter at this link – Here’s an excerpt: The so-called progressives and statists are on the attack again. They don’t like that our movement to say NO to unconstitutional “laws” and regulations is gaining steam, either. They lie, they make personal attacks,…


The Civil War Decided What?

I found a recent comment posted on my Herald-Leader op-ed addressing the constitutionality of the federal insurance mandate illustrative.

Bill Adkins writes, “The 10th Amendment question was decidedly resolved by the Civil War. And Supreme Court precedent supports the authority of the federal gov’t in this instance and so many others.”

I’ve already addressed the notion that the court stands as final arbiter of what is or isn’t constitutional here.

So let’s look at the first sentence in Bill’s statement – the Civil War resolved the 10th Amendment question.

Hmmm. What question was that, Bill? And what exactly was the answer?


Woods’ Law #2

The “progressive” Left always prefers a neoconservative to an antiwar libertarian.  That’s Woods’ Law #2.  They can overlook the support for war, the centralization of power (what “progressive” would disagree with that these days?), the encroachments on civil liberties.  That’s all fine and dandy.  But someone who opposes the initiation of violence against peaceful people?  Get him!

I am under attack from these people because I wonder if 300 million people ruled from one city is the most humane way to live.  Don’t I know I am not supposed to ask such a heretical question?

I predicted exactly what these people would say about me when my book Nullification came out.  I nailed it to a T.  Here’s my actual background, since you won’t learn about it from them (an oversight, I’m sure).