Why We Need the Electoral College

This seems to be the most misunderstood piece of our government that the creators of the constitution could have ever put in place. The story we hear is that the creators of the constitution did not think the American people were smart enough to decide how government should operate but if this was true why would they establish any kind of democratic process to begin with? It seems at odds with the trend in American history up until that point because every state, town, and government used the democratic process to decide what laws are to be passed. Even the mayflower compact was a democratic agreement between the people so it seems that unusual that the creators of the constitution would defy the ongoing political trend by installing that into the United States constitution.

The Electoral College was not seen as a way to inhibit the people’s constitutional right to participate in the government but to prevent the democratic process from consuming the natural rights and freedom of the people. This was seen as an essential institution that acted as a safeguard for the people that does not exist today.

Examine one the word written by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist #1 “the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants”.


Another Genius Attacks Nullification

This time it’s former state legislator Kevin Rennie, writing in the Hartford Courant.  I insist you read this for yourself.  It’s the usual enforcer/commissar routine, peppered with three facts he remembers from sixth grade.  His knowledge of American history may rise to the level of Schoolhouse Rock.  Forget about all the northern states that appealed to the Principles of ‘98; this is a crazy southern doctrine and nothing else.  Rennie doesn’t even know (1) that northern states nullified the fugitive-slave laws, and (2) they even cited the wicked Calhoun in doing so.  Were they wrong to do so, Rennie?

Like any commissar, he greets an idea not vetted by the Washington Post or the New York Times with smears and denunciations.  No attempt to understand why Thomas Jefferson would have promoted it, or to reply to (or even mention) any of the arguments he employed in its favor.  It is enough that it doesn’t belong to the Mitch McConnell/Hillary Clinton “mainstream,” which has done so much for the country.  Rennie would have us limit the federal government…how?  By voting for people who give good speeches?  How’s that strategy working?  Onward to more failure, comrade!


Suddenly, Big Insurance Seeks Healing

As an orthopedic surgeon, I’ve spent years witnessing the often slow and painful process of healing. I’ve watched patients struggle to get well, facing down personal, professional and financial challenges while fighting to recover their health. It’s too bad healing in the real world isn’t as simple as healing in the political world –where it…


Good Time to End Farm Subsidies

The Wall Street Journal reports that the agricultural sector is recovering nicely from the recent recession while the rest of the private sector continues to struggle. The counter-cyclical nature of some farm subsidy programs means that the taxpayer bill for the year could be cut in half to only about $12 billion.

From the article:

For many crops, prices are climbing even as big harvests pile up, a rare combination. Farmland values are up while those for some other kinds of real estate languish. Debt on the farm is manageable. Incomes are rising.

And trade, of which many Americans are growing wary, is for agriculture a boon. Asia’s economic vigor and appetites make the farm sector’s reliance on exports—once thought a vulnerability in some quarters—a plus today.

“The farm economy is coming out of the recession far faster than the general economy,” said Don Carson, a senior analyst.

The WSJ article also notes that farmers will still receive direct payments of about $5 billion for basically just being farmers. This subsidy is particularly insulting to taxpayers as the program was created in 1996 to help wean farmers off of subsidies. Instead, these “temporary” payments were turned into a permanent hand-out in 2002.

Better news for taxpayers would be the abolition of farm subsidies. While they obviously remain popular with the beneficiaries and their patrons in Washington, the general public seems to be increasingly aware that the subsidies amount to little more than legalized theft.


We Will Lock You Up Anyway

Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t leaving us in suspense regarding what the federal government will do if California’s marijuana decriminalization initiative passes: “We will vigorously enforce the CSA [Controlled Substances Act] against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law.” Will…