Do the Secessionists Have As Much Courage As the Nullifiers?

By now, anybody who even casually follows the Tenther movement and the liberty movement in general has likely heard about the secession petitions circulating.  Yesterday, I had personally gone from only hearing about Louisiana, to hearing my State of New Jersey had one too, to hearing the count was up to twenty States.  That could be an old number by the time this makes it into the Tenth Amendment Center blog.

The language of these petitions is interesting, as they “ask” the federal government to let said States peaceably withdraw from the United States.  Although I confess to having signed, originally for Louisiana upon first finding out, and then for New Jersey, it was more out of curiosity than anything else.

Apparently, any State circulating these petitions requires a minimum of 25,000 signatures within thirty days in order to receive a White House response.  Texas has nearly double the required signatures, and Louisiana is likely a day away from hitting the threshold.  Several states are beyond halfway there.  Check to see if your State is on the list.  While you’re at it, go ahead and sign, so you can get your response.  The most likely response from the White House is a familiar word to anybody in the nullification movement, “No.”


Don’t Miss the Debates. The Important Ones!

In an election year such as this, there is a sense in the air that the 2012 elections could be the most important ever.  However, it is not for the reasons the Republican and Democratic establishments like to tell us.  Whether Obama is reelected or Romney successfully makes him a one term President, whether current majorities in the House and Senate remain, one chamber changes parties, or they reverse, the way of DC will remain the same.  Authoritarian, top-down rule will be the name of the game.

So why is this year so important?  Why shouldn’t we miss the debates?  Because I’m not talking about the Presidential debates, even the third party ones that allow some discussion outside the “acceptable spectrum” as Tom Woods has called it.  We also have local debates and elections.  County and municipal elections will be occurring throughout New Jersey, and we need a major change, starting as locally as possible.

I personally will be attending the South Plainfield Borough Council debates.


Obama the Nullifier? Again?

Hollywood would never dream of a plot line in which the power hungry tyrants in their country’s capital actively encourage anyone to disregard the rules that are spewed from the same capital.  Yet, in DC, the hardened statist’s paradise, the Obama Administration has actively encouraged military contractors to ignore the WARN Act, according to Timothy…


“Handlin” the Health Care Debate from Home

Most politicians, and consequently many voters who bet all their chips on the federal government’s actions, think of Congress and the President and maybe the Supreme Court when it comes to health care issues.

It matters little to none whether the politician is a Democrat pushing for that next step toward a public option or even single payer system, or a Republican mistakenly pushing tort reform from DC while preaching the merits of limited government.  It was not until ObamaCare that Governors (including one Democrat) and legislators across these 50 States mentioned not implementing the federally mandated health insurance exchanges.

Although we as a state have a long way to go toward beginning to act like a state again, there are small sparks of hope that need some fuel poured on them.  Governor Christie vetoed the bill that would have implemented the health insurance exchanges, and we are hoping he will do so again.


Hungry for Freedom

It is probably fair to say no President, First Lady, or candidate for said office has ever left a campaign event, state dinner or probably any meal in general saying, “Gee, I wish I’d had more to eat.”  Yet none before the Obamas entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have claimed the authority to tell us what they want us to eat, while they eat what they want.  Plenty of kids across these 50 States have probably said that with increasing frequency in response to new federal mandates regarding school lunches.

While our First Lady is able to enjoy her favorite pizza, children in a Kansas school have made a video in protest.  Other students have said the portrayal is accurate, with students claiming they are still hungry throughout the rest of the school day.  There is so much wrong with this situation, it almost encompasses all the problems facing the Tenther movement today.

First, the school administrator interviewed said the solution in the past has been to make adjustments to the school lunches when there were complaints, but the new federal “laws” left him with his hands tied.  A word to that administrator personally, RESIGN!   Your primary responsibility is the well being of the students in your school.  You ought to know better than the people in Congress, the White House and the untold numbers of executive agencies trying to appear significant by churning out new rules.  You should even know better than the nine self-proclaimed demigods on the Supreme Court.  Show some spine and make the adjustments without their permission.  You want input on improving school food?  Go to your community first.


New Jersey Action Alert S2135/A3186

As mentioned in Thursday’s post, the New Jersey Legislature is once again pushing for the implementation of the state health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  The Senate version, S2135, has been introduced, and will be considered by the Commerce Committee October 1.  The Assembly’s bill, A3168, Was also introduced to the Health and Senior Services Committee.  Currently, We have no information concerning a date if and when it will be considered.

Contact Senator Gill, Chair of the Commerce Committee and primary sponsor, at (973) 509-0388 to urge her to withdraw the bill.  Additionally, contact the other committee members (three Democrats and two Republicans) to kill this bill in committee, especially if your Senator happens to be a committee member.  Also contact your own Senators and tell them to oppose this bill if it comes up for another vote in the full Senate.

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee must also hear from us.  Contact the committee members and your own representatives in the Assembly.

In addition, Governor Christie needs to hear us loud and clear.  We still don’t want ObamaCare in our state!  Should both bills reach the Governor’s desk again, it must be met with the same actions as last time – a veto.


Wrong Bill, Gill

Despite Facebook referring to the following of certain pages on their site as “Liking,” there are times it is useful to “Like” what one does not like.  This proved to be true yesterday, when the New Jersey Senate Democrats included on their Facebook page their intent, spearheaded by Senator Nia H. Gill (D – Essex), to move forward with legislation she is sponsoring to implement the health care exchanges as dictated by the Affordable Health Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, a.k.a. in NJ, PalloneCare.

Senator Gill was primary sponsor of the “new bill,” which is actually the same as the previous bill Governor Christie rightly vetoed earlier this year.  The veto drew praise from the New Jersey Tenth Amendment Center, as well as various conservative and libertarian groups throughout the state.

Gill’s bill, S2135, has been submitted to the Senate Commerce Committee, while the companion bill, A3186, is in the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee.  One has to wonder if having the Senate bill in the Commerce Committee rather than the Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee is an attempt to sneak it past the voters.  If so, we’re smarter than that…right?


School’s Back in Session

September is here, and you know what that means.  We are, once again, just under two months away from the most crucial presidential election in our history…you know, just like we were four years ago.  And we buy what they sell us every time.  Republicans and Democrats alike are telling us how disastrous things will be if the other guy wins in November and occupies/continues to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC come January 20, 2013.  To quote Yoda, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

We in the Tenther movement, and in the liberty movement in New Jersey in general, have a lot to learn.  The core representatives in the New Jersey TAC are no exception.  We have admitted it among ourselves, and we admit it to our members and other groups in general.  We’re a smart crew (at least Brenda and Peter are), but we have a lot to learn about organizing.

In many ways this learning process must involve reaching out to other groups that know more than we do, especially if they are on the same page or at least the same chapter of the book as we are concerning liberty.  One group very familiar with that book is Ron Paul supporters.  While Dr. Paul ran for federal office, and while he didn’t win, his supporters at the state and local levels showed they learned a lot since 2008.  From navigating the local machines to fundraising, we need people like that to help the Tenther movement grow.


Senator Lautenberg – Trigger Happy Gun Controller

There are times it is particularly difficult to find a starting point as far as discussing the Constitution is concerned in New Jersey.  There is, despite an occasional minor victory, a lack of desire in both the Democratic State Legislature and the Republican Governor’s administration, to address issues blatantly spelled out in the Constitution, it is impossible to fathom how anyone can see things any other way sometimes.  “…the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” is one of those.  Those of us who believe strongly in the Tenth Amendment generally take the Second pretty seriously too, even people like me who do not own a gun (as opposed to citizens who do).

Just a short two days after the Aurora, Colorado shooting that left twelve dead and nearly five times that many wounded, New Jersey Honorable Senator Frank Lautenberg rushed to his desk with a speed of a man one quarter his age and blew the dust off his old bill from last year to ban so-called “assault weapons” at the federal level.  Our Junior Senator, Bob Menendez, was all to eager to echo the call to ignore the Second Amendment.  Guys, I know tyranny gets impatient at times, but couldn’t you have at least waited until the bodies were laid to rest first?

According to the Star-Ledger, James Holmes used a handgun, shotgun and an assault weapon with a high capacity magazine.  The article, which originally failed to differentiate whether the “assault weapon” was a fully automatic, which is already illegal except for almost exclusively military and law enforcement use, or a semiautomatic lookalike.  To their credit, they appear to have edited the article and specified the rifle was a semiautomatic military style weapon.  For those who don’t know exactly what I mean and why there is a HUGE difference, please observe the following demonstration.

One area where the emotion gets in the way of the facts is the idea that banning certain guns will somehow result in safer streets and prevent incidents like this from happening, as if psychopaths, terrorists, gangsters or government ag…ahem…other violent types will somehow respect gun control laws.  Even if gun control laws somehow kept Mr. Holmes from sneaking guns into the gun-free movie theater, he was likely smart enough, and somehow well equipped enough, to figure out several other ways to kill people, based on reports describing his apartment.


A Losing Battle Beats a Cowardly Surrender

The worst thing in the fight for liberty is not an enemy.  An enemy, whether the party stereotypes of a warmongering Republican or welfare state Democrat, or the more realistic combination of both, gives us a clear view of what we are fighting in this Cold Civil War.  We can point to the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi and ask, “Do you still trust DC to fix DC?” They can energize free minds to keep pushing our state and local leaders and remind us there is still a lot of work to do.

But what can really sap the energy from liberty minded people is when people act like they are different from the establishment, but then tell us that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle.  It can be discouraging if one speaks too long with them.  They are and forever will be watching to see which way the wind is blowing, and when we gain momentum they will be on our sides with such enthusiasm you would think they gave Michael Boldin the idea to start the Tenth Amendment Center in the first place.

Such was the experience conservative activists had when listening to Congressman Paul Gosar (R – AZ1).  Be careful, Congressman?  Don’t fight for “just the Constitution.” Well if not enforcing the Supreme Law of the Land, then what do you suggest we fight for, Congressman?  Thank God activists like KrisAnne Hall and Stephanie Scruggs were there to fire back with a reminder of the oath of office this guy took.  You are an elected official, Congressman, and you took that oath, whether you think you can win with it or not!